“What was doctor saying?” asked his mother, unaware that under his closed eyes he was wide awake.

“ Babalu won’t be able to speak again, ever” replied his father.

His father’s words devastated him. He wanted to cry his heart out but his voice was muted by mesh of tubes surrounding his throat and half the body.

He was admitted in hospital two months ago for a simple pain in throat. Everyone including him had thought that it was due to his excessive singing practice. He has been shortlisted for Mega auditions of Indian Idol junior in Mumbai a couple of months later. Aware of rarity of such chances he had manifolded his efforts. Though only fourteen, Bablu was much mature for his age and was sensible of his father’s hard work into getting him there, despite his meagre income. Bablu wanted his father to be proud of his achievement and make up for the humiliations he bore for his simplicity and stammering voice. When admitted in the hospital he was sure to be discharged in couple of days but destiny had some other plans. After numerous tests in one month he finally had to undergo surgery.

After one month he was discharged from hospital carrying shards of his shattered dreams. Singing was the foundation of world he had envisaged without which his sensitive heart could see only darkness. Everyone around him tried to console him but in vain. He attended school after one month just not to hurt his father, but everything around him seemed vapid. Days went by and he cocooned himself in self-pity and sorrow.

One day while sitting in veranda, he was staring blankly at a shallow bowl full of water kept there in which his mother dropped some colors mistakenly. A marriage procession was passing by his house with DJ playing in full throttle. He saw color drops dancing on the water coalescing in collage on the tune of DJ. A beautiful picture painted by some invisible hands of music. After months, smile flashed on his face.

The day changed his life forever. He found this new passion of painting the feelings invoked in his heart by strains of songs and music on canvas. He mastered the craft to the extent that he got to showcase it in IGT. There while he was appreciated by judges, his story made everyone’s eyes moist. 

Few days later he got invited to Indian Idol Grand Finale to showcase his talent as special guest. There to a perfect swan song sung by one of the contestants ‘Tuzase naraz nahi Zindagi..’ he started intoning it on canvas with colors. When he finished,  limned on the canvas was his father, pride for his son emanating out of every stroke on the canvas. When camera panned on his father and his face filled the giant screen, he was making no attempt to hide his tears, neither anyone in the auditorium. 

Amit bowed his head before the thunderous applause.


Photo By: Pixabay


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