“Dear Baba, I know it will be very difficult for you to accept but it is true that I cannot live without Feroz. I know six months is very less time to know a person, still, I believe Feroz is the person with whom I want to spend the rest of my life. I know being a single child, you and ma have given me unmatched love and affection. All my demands were fulfilled before I had asked for them. Yet the moments I have spent with Feroz and his love for me is so special that I cannot turn him down. So we are leaving this city.

I know to be an Ex-military man and an orthodox Brahmin, you will never accept our relationship. Just for once put yourself in my shoes and think. You and ma are precious to me, I will miss you both. Please, baba, forgive me.”

As Shreya finished writing the letter, a message beeped in. She once looked at the clock, it was 11.15 and unlocked her phone. It was Feroz, “Midnight, on the bridge, come alone.” Shreya was a bit confused, they were supposed to meet the next day at 5.30 in the morning, then why does he want to meet now. She tried to call him, but his mobile was switched off.

She quickly placed the pillows under the blanket in such a way that nobody can discover she was not in her room. She put on a jacket and left.

She checked her mobile, it was 11.50 as she reached the bridge. She knew Feroz was always punctual but tonight, she reached before him. The unusual darkness of the winter night made her a bit uncomfortable. Every single moment felt like a decade to her. It was fifteen minutes past 12. Firoz was nowhere to been seen. Feeling a bit restless, she unlocked the phone to call Firoz. Just then a WhatsApp message appeared from an unknown number.

“Sorry, Shreya, I don’t have the guts to face you anymore. All the things I did for you and the moments we spent together were all purposefully planned. But your innocence and true love for me has stirred my inner being. I can’t cheat you anymore. I am going away from here. I will never ask for your forgiveness. Goodbye.”

Shreya’s hands were trembling with outrage. Her feeling of being cheated was intensified by the feeling of remorse. As the excruciating pain of betrayal and regret grew, she ran fast towards her home. Perhaps it’s an irony of fate, she thought.

As she pushed open the door and walked inside, she heard a loud sound with a scream. She ran towards her room. As she entered, her father was lying in a pool of blood holding the revolver and the letter. Her mom stood by him in absolute shock. Shreya gasped and fall down on her knees.


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Kaberi Mukherjee currently working into teaching, has ventured in many fields as a professional, loves to read, write and spend time amidst nature. The vibrant daylight gives her the zeal to fight all odds and the soothing night sky gives her the passion to write her experiences.
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