A Flight to Specter Island

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It is tough for me to write this terrible incident because of two reasons, firstly, what I am about to tell you is not a story it is a real-life incident that had happened two years ago. Secondly, I am not a writer by myself and never had written anything in my life before. My real purpose is not to write and impress you with my, juvenile, writing skill. The truth is I am searching for a place, this place is far important to me. I was eight years old when I had visited that strange place. Now two years have passed since.

Two years ago, my, always a busy mommy, strangely, found a few minutes to tell me about a trip. It was, truly, shocking when she told me the trip was not going to be an, as usual, one-month trip or two-month trip rather her company permanently had shifted to China. Despite her promise, of coming back every third Saturday of the month, I was sad, because I doubted that along with her, the promise of her also would, aboard the flight from Malaysian Airport, and stay with her forever-in China.
Not that, mommy was the only person in my life, anytime I could, freely, approach Nancy, but always, she would be thoughtfully looking out the window onto the emptiness, if not, she would be, attentively, flipping through the book that wasn’t thought her in her school. Her exotic world was quite far away from my real world. And my Daddy’s, engrossing, attention more often was, unbelievably, unattainable, his rapt concentration in his work, always lasted long stretch of hours.
One impatient night, months after Mommy’s departure, when I, timidly, had interrupted Daddy’s conversation with the computer monitor, he turned, hesitantly, toward me and told me, in his rough
voice; you along with your sister will fly to China on this vacation from the Malaysian Airport.
I had been waiting, joyously, for three months, but when the date of our flight was getting closer, I had to, admit, I was little worried about my first flight journey. That little worry of me had grown enormously inside me and hid my love for my Mommy, safely, behind its enormity. So I asked ruefully, why I have to go to China. My question had pierced through my Daddy’s unbreakable concentration of his work, and, loudly, he shouted at me. Instantly the fear shrunk and my love for my Mommy, quickly, unveiled. Meanwhile, I cried, tears spilling down on my cheeks, incessantly. Seeing my tears Nancy hugged me cozily. It felt so good. It was like hugging my mommy. I realized at that moment I saw Nancy, not as my sister, but I saw the beautiful reflection of an ideal Mommy’s, selfless, affection in her. Why would I have to worry if Nancy would be there with me on my first flight journey? Then finally, the day of our flight had dawned.
In the flight, everything was, perfectly, normal until a manly voice calmly announced something went failed or something gone wrong, I didn’t remember exactly what phrase he used. But the voice was so calm in a way that I didn’t sense any danger. But, when a thin girl, anxiously, rushed towards me, I became so nervous. She guarded my, restless, body with an orange jacket, and hurryingly, fastened my seat belt. Ironically, she was telling me that ‘everything will be fine’ and yet her crimson eyes had turned into super bloody. Unlike the cold raindrops, her tears, dropping on my face was warm and tepid. Suddenly, my, restless, body was jolting along with the thunderous jolting of the plain. The thin girl leaning onto my body, instantly, flew away from me- her foot was on the air. When she was reaching the top, her head hit on the ceiling, the impact of it was, twisting her neck and turning her body upside down and gravitating towards the floor. Finally, her head hit on the floor. Abruptly, her head like a watermelon shattered, and pieces of the meat and the juice of the blood spilled onto my already tear-soaked face. I was confused because I felt an urge to cry loudly like everyone but my breath stuck in my throat and my mouth was frozen in O shape. I turned around, first to right then to left, but the emotion was similar on everyone’s face, tremulous terror. Soaked in that heart-tearing terror, I was listening to the clamorous cry, horrendously, echoing inside the plane. Suddenly, my head hit on the front seat and suffered severe pain inside my head. Fortunately, I didn’t pass out, my eyes continuously capturing the panic around me but panicking voices were not reaching into my ears. Like watching a muted horror film, I was watching everything terrifyingly. Everything had happened, so quick and so fast, so I almost forgot about Nancy’s presence, beside me. When I, abruptly, looked at her cute face, my heart sank in the misery of loneliness because the fear like everyone’s face had carved on her forehead as well. Within in no time against the desire of my body, the plane was turning vertically upside down and began its downward flight. The seat belt was a blessing if not my body would have fallen into the sea. The sensation on my stomach was getting great, as I was feeling the emptiness of my weight and after
that, I couldn’t remember anything, I had succumbed to the darkness.
The cold wind, gently, caressed my closed eyelid, the chilled pricking of it was enough for waking the inquisitive thoughts in my mind, and my half-awake mind now without signaling to open my eyes was asking what had happened to me after my sudden downward flight? What happens to Nancy? I couldn’t comfortably stay in the seductive sleepy state, so I, slowly, opened my eyes and saw the most beautiful spectacle of nature. I was lying on the transparent crystal sand and the pebbles of different colors- green, yellow, white and black-blanketed on the land. The transparent land was circled by the blue water, the green leaves, was bright and unharmed by the dust and dirt, had been waving at me ever since I had opened my eyes as if a gesture to join them for hearing their long life in this wonderful island. A cluster of green leaves was crowned by the purple hair of floss flowers, droplets on the purple hair were peacefully plopping until a cute little white pony leaped onto it, therewith all drops began raining down onto the transparent crystal sand. I saw a running girl behind the pony, but her face obscured by the leaves was un-comprehensible. The moment pony saw me, the pony stopped being, lively, and was showing shyness, timidly, and not knowing what next, the pony was waiting for the girl to emerge out of the cluster of the leaves. When she came out the girl’s face became a familiar face. It was Nancy. When she saw me, she, quickly, ran towards me, the pony ran behind her, when Nancy, warmly, hugged me the pony, enviously, began to snuggle her.
Where are the remains of the plane that brought us down? I curiously, I asked her what happened.
Nothing had happened we finally had reached the right destination. So when are we going to meet mommy?
For that, her sudden response was silence, a minute or so, she, quietly, stared into my eyes. When she was about to speak she got distracted by, a woman. The woman was proudly walking towards us through the crystal sand. She was, so beautiful and, so cute like my mommy. When she became six feet away, I found myself comparing the women with my mommy. Her round face and taintless skin were so similar to my mommy. Her diminutive nose was a carbon copy of my mommy’s nose. But her eyes were not pristine like crystal rather hued with light green, and her hair was shorter than my mommy’s hair. She looked so much like a younger version of my mommy. I had learned in my school, normally humans grew older when the time passes but here was my mommy in front of me proving that people could grow younger when time passes. When I frankly expressed my doubt, the woman again was confusing me. By saying,
‘No dear, I am actually the mommy of your mommy, indeed everyone is my children. You are also one of my children’.
But, From her voice, harsh and not soft like my mommy’s I understood she was not my real mommy. So I told her ‘why you are lying if you are not my mommy, I wanted to meet her as soon as possible’.
‘It is your wish, son, when you are tired of this place, you can go, where ever you want, this place was built for people like you to live, forever, without bearing the burden of any sorrows, I am sure when you explore deeper in this land, your desire to go back would disappear. Look at her your sister, she was also like you when she woke up from the long sleep, not exactly like you but she had been sobbing inconsolably, to go back, I guided her, I explained her about the rule of this place that is to not follow any rules. She, gladly, smiled and, told me she wanted to create unique stories, here this land would give her time and experience and our architect had already created a big rock of slate for her to write, seeing that Nancy was so excited and within no time, she said a yes. Now I would send your sister with you to explore this land. You can, honestly, tell her what you want and we would, gladly, give you that.’
I agreed, I didn’t want to argue with her, then I just wanted some alone time with Nancy, to convince her, to find a way out of this island.
When Nancy was alone with me, I asked her, ‘why you wanted to stay here?’
‘What do you think about this place? it’s a dream come true for me, do you know, for how long I have been longing for a place like this, away from the daily hassles of school, here I don’t need to go to school, any more, rather, anytime, I can sit and create stories without following any rule.’
I realized, I was drifting further away from her world, I was not able to imagine a world where people just sit and create something. So, I told her ‘how hideous is your thinking, what you are talking about is not a dream it’s an obsession, I don’t think you would be able to live a happy life with a compulsive obsession? Moreover, how do you think you would meet our Parents?
‘Don’t worry, soon, when they realize we are missing, they would become hopeless, and within no time, they would come here, cheerfully. This is an eventuality no one can escape neither mommy nor daddy. Don’t worry they will come, sooner or later. They will come.’
From her stern face, I understood that her decision of staying on that island was unchangeable.
However, it was apparent from her tear soaked eyes, that, she was, frantically, soul-searching by herself, in the process of rationalizing, whether to choose the love of our parents or the dream of her life. If she was to select her dream, she would lose our, Mommy and Daddy. But what I couldn’t anticipate, was the outcome of her tears. When the grief would rain down on her, what would she choose? I didn’t want to take a chance by keeping her alone on this island. so I pulled her hand, hoping to found a crack of escape, I ran through the serene and transparent land, no tiredness, a kind of strange energy that I had never experienced was guiding me forward, I ran holding her hand, bizarrely, there was no huffing and puffing. There was no heart beating.
A kind of spiritual energy was pushing my way forward but when I saw nothing ahead of me, the whole energy dissolved. I, had woefully, un-wrapped my hand off from hers. I stood, gingerly, as I
was sensing the presence of water on my bare legs. I found myself staring at the impossibility, appeared, few feet ahead of me, sadly I realized a thin layer of fog was blocking my path ahead, the danger was not the fog but below the layer of fog, there was no layer of land for running forward. I moved, two more steps, closer to the end of the transparent land and, fearfully, peaked at the beginning of emptiness. Touching my feet, the translucent tears of the transparent land were flowing into the depth of the emptiness. When I looked at Nancy’s face, there was a mixture of,
elation and sadness, on her face, intermittently, emitting the elation of finally finding the place of her dreams, and, also, a sadness of saying goodbye to something so precious in her life. That was my, last and final sight of her. Without saying a goodbye, without saying anything, with a suppressed sob, she told me to look into the emptiness two feet ahead of us. The moment my eyes, parted away from her beautiful face, I felt a slight nudge on my back, and, I felt a knot in my stomach. That nudging force was enough for my body to slip into the darkness of emptiness. Again, the darkness had ruled my consciousness.
When I woke up, I saw many faces around me-all of their focus point was on me. I saw Faces with only eyes visible, faces with eyes and hair visible, and only three faces were unmasked. Everyone was wearing the light blue color dress, and, finally, I found something distinct from all these faces and color. Two unique faces in my life, the faces of my mommy and Daddy, they were excited, and they were smiling broadly. Where is Nancy? I tried to talk but my voice was not coming out. A mask on my mouth was muffling my voice. So, an unmasked face, instantly, came forward and removed the transparent mask from my face. Initially, I found it difficult to breathe later, albeit with a slight prick in my bridge I inhaled easily. There, wasn’t a place, in my body that didn’t hurt; the pain was stealthy, floating through my body, what is happening to me? What had happened to Nancy? Why she pushed me? Was it all a nightmare? However, my parents stopped their smile and kept silent. So I told them about the accident in the airplane, about the mommy like women in the transparent island and then I told them about Nancy, her unwillingness to come back with me and pushing of my little body into the darkness was so immature I told them. I don’t know why but after finishing the story, my mommy began to cry, loudly. Mommy couldn’t stop it anymore, her palms and face went hidden in Daddy’s chest. Then my Dad told me the news. We were lucky enough to get you back from that Island he told. Everyone on the plane had gone to that island and never going to come back, by God’s grace, we got you back. He told me that Nancy would never gonna come back again. Forever she decided to stay in that Spectre Island but when I asked, she would come back one day right? I didn’t really understand what limiting us from reaching that transparent island. Isn’t there another flight? After hearing that question, my father without answering began to cry like my mommy. Why were they crying?
As Nancy told me she stayed on that place, now she might be reading and writing whole day but I know when she became tired of that world she would come back eventually. After I had discharged from the hospital, I stopped asking about Nancy to my mommy because she began to cry whenever I ask about her. When I ask about this to my Dad he always shows me a YouTube video. In that video, a feminine voice always says about my survival, in her words miraculous escape. What I am unable to understand is why she always says the rest of the bodies are still missing? Why body? The body does have a life that is also missing, right. They don’t know where it is but I know where is Nancy. But I don’t know the path to reach that island.
Now I have a request to make If you are reading this story and if you know the transparent island please tell me when I become bigger and stronger I would eventually catch the flight to that island
and I will bring my Nancy back.

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