July 16, 2020 

Hanging clouds and the mystic sky were all evidence of her puffy eyes pouring tears incessantly. She stood by her husband’s tomb stooping down in deep distress.

As she rested her head on her wrist, the wristwatch struck 12  with Silver hands merging, a gift from her husband.

  His sudden demise has throttled her life and left her 5 months baby destitute. 

She recalls the incidence of pleading her husband, not to attend the marriage ceremony of his close friend. 

Though Maya was not an educated woman, she was all ears to the alarming situation of COVID 19. She used to be updated with the news and the pandemic spread. Ramesh was MTech and was working in a multinational company. Since the lockdown, he was extremely saddened and depressed because of the ongoing situation. As he was an extrovert, confining him within four walls was an impossible task. But Maya played her best to keep him busy and enthusiastic. But in vain. 

“Self-motivation is the key requirement for a happy life. Unless and until you are happy within you won’t be able to see the happy world. You need the spate of happiness within and around you” said Maya to Ramesh. 

Ramesh, ” Did you had this in your 7 the std school? So wise of you to remember this.” And he toiled over his digital world.

Maya was quite aware of his daunting depression but she wanted him to realise the risk of roaming and moseying around. No one was spared from the COVID 19 virus attack. 

July 12,  2020 

It was July 12, when the clock struck 12 and  Ramesh got a call from his dear friend to attend his marriage as he was among the 50 invitees. He rejoiced for his inclusion and importance. The next day Ramesh left for his friend’s marriage despite Maya’s courteous pleads. 

Ramesh returned at 9 pm and was overjoyed with the mundane experience. 

Maya enjoyed the moments as his happiness was contagious. 

Next morning Ramesh felt little dizzy and slightly heavy-headed. He also had a soar throat. Maya gave him warm water to gargle. She was well versed with his disobedience. So she didn’t force him. Late in the evening, he had a mild fever which soared high by the midnight of the day. Ramesh was rushed to the nearby Government hospital and he tested positive for the COVID 19. 

Maya was not shocked as this was the result of his ignorance. He was left all alone in the hospital as family members run the risk of highly contagious COVID 19.

 Ramesh was devastated and regretted his moments of ignorance. But it was too late to accommodate the truth that has trapped him to death. The next morning he breathed his last breath. 

A jerk, that pushed Maya into the present by her little boy who was in her lap holding her fingers. 

It was Ramesh’s journey towards a little escape, a little joy but an irreversible path. 


Photo By: Unsplash

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Geeta Upase


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