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A Not Very Grimm Tale

Her eyes glittered in the glow of the dying embers and a sudden gust of wind swept away the fallen flowers of autumn. A strange force surged forth within me and sent me pirouetting before I hit the ground. When I regained consciousness, I was no longer who I was.   


A Prince was I  in days gone by. It  was fun. I had admirers. swanky cars and a hefty bank balance . And then  Dad ruined it all. He wanted me to take over the stuff that he was doing.  Rule a kingdom ?  He had to be kidding. I kicked up a ruckus, we fought and I marched out of the house in a huff.  

To cut a long story short, I then met a witch and told her of my predicament. She very kindly  turned  me into a frog and set me free.

Life was now a rollercoaster ride, I travelled, dreamt, sang and partied on the porticos of rich men who left half empty bottles around, as they tottered about in their pyjamas. 

Destiny , however, has  a mind of its own.  A sojourn in a  faraway land, triggered off Destiny’s game.

I was hopping  around a  market, when my bladder decided to play up, Now, there were certain things that I still did in the privacy of secluded places.  I hopped over to a garden and had barely started my business when  a cat came  along. I jumped and raced into the house, the fiendish feline close on my heels .  Slamming   the door shut I sneaked into  a bedroom – a lady’s room, gauging by the array of cosmetics that rested on an ornate dressing table. 

I crawled into  the remotest corner of the bed  and waited. The sunset hues of the outside world had faded into an ominous darkness.  I mulled over my plight. An escape route needed to be worked  out.

The clock struck twelve. I slowly began to edge my way towards the door . Suddenly it  was  flung open.  Before I knew it someone landed on me, almost squishing me to pulp. I squealed. So did the innocuous assailant. 

When I managed to look up, my heart turned a somersault. Just two inches above mine ,was the most beautiful face I had ever seen. I gazed into her eyes and then I did the unthinkable.  Driven by a sudden , purely masculine urge, I planted a kiss on her luscious lips. A second later, she turned into a frog. 

She let out a bloodcurdling croak. I quickly clamped her mouth with another kiss, leaving her too breathless to utter a sound. I then gently veered her  into the garden. where  she  ranted and wept for a fortnight. I, in turn  wooed and serenaded her  till  my  suave charm and  Marlon Brando swag, caused her lashes to flutter.  Four full moon nights later, we were married. We are now Frog and Wife. 

May the Grimm Brothers bless our amorous tale.


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Jayashree Pillai
Jayashree spends half her day tearing her hair in frustration, wondering why kids these days just don't get their tenses and prepositions right. Once she calms down and the horns disappear, she is genial, warm, friendly and smiling. She hates to sit idle and enjoys a whole lot of things which include cooking and gardening but her knowledge is pretty limited in those areas. So she is actually an amateur in the purest sense.
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