A Tasty Misdemeanour

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“Ah, just look at her. So full and juicy.”

He exclaimed to his brother, pointing at the beauty, standing on the other side of the road. But, his brother was already drooling over her.  

The notorious duo of the village was planning to execute something. There were many complaints against the miscreants of the infamous two. But most of them were dismissed due to lack of evidences. However the critics would often suggest that the real reason for the leniency was the influence of their father, who happens to be the Village Chief. But, last time when Malati’s father, their neighbour caused much ruckus, the matter became a little serious. They received a final warning from their only saviour.

“If you think I’ll save you every time, you’re wrong. I’ll be keeping a close watch on both of you. Next time, no mercy.”

But, crime is an addictive drug, especially if one escapes punishment every time. The dark thoughts lurk in the deepest corner of one’s heart,  luring the mind with a prized trophy. Like presently, their target was enticing them to bite the forbidden fruit.

“What do you think, brother?” The younger of the two asked eagerly.

Looking around cautiously the older one declared, “The time is not right. We shall come back tomorrow. ”


So, according to the plan, next day, late afternoon, the two of them set out on the loose gravels of the desolate country road. The dusty road baked in the May sun, was looking jaded, waiting for an adventure just like them.

When they had started, the outbreak of sunset was radiating across the cloud, turning it molten orange with bands of pink. But, now a gloomy hood was already hovering over them. They increased their pace to reach faster.

“You go first, I will keep a watch.” The older one pushed his brother, on reaching their destination.

Without waiting further the other one pounced upon the target with all his might. The idea was to disrobe her completely. She shrieked a little under his weight, but, her voice died down beneath the restless grumbling of the grey sky. The pleasure was reaching its zenith when they heard some quick footsteps.

“Someone’s coming. We have to get out of here”, the one on the guard exclaimed.

The one in action jumped down immediately, leaving the job half done. Meanwhile, the thick blackened clouds were dragged down by the weight of the rain and a torrential downpour started with a  roar. They ran across the slippery path, their posture weakened by the weight of soaked cloth and the just filled bags.

And then came the yell disrupting even the  gregarious boom of thunder,

“Run kids. But, if I catch you  touching my Mango tree again, I swear I’ll kill you.”

Popularly known as the ‘selfish giant’, this over possessive retired army man hates to share his mangoes.  The brothers thanked their stars again for the narrow escape, until next time.



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