Your hands entwined with his lay, you both on the moist, tender grass, beneath the azure sky, as countless scintillating stars illumined the night sky.

You felt his tepid hands, with clear and firm skin; his cheeks bloomed when he smiled; as the breezy wind ruffled streaks of his jet black hair in the air; you adored his dulcet and mellow voice; and a fine, yet impressive stature.

You glanced at him enamored with love.

I love you! you confessed your love, for the first time.

I comprehend your love for me. But I’m afraid I can’t love you back, the same way.

Sam acknowledged.

You and Sam had known each other for a few months, after the first acquaintance from a technology exhibition, it was an exceptional journey that blossomed into love.

Why Sam? you implored.

I am not a human. I am a robot. A cold, phlegmatic humanoid robot; impassive; too restrained with manipulators, controllers and sensors. A pawn of technology, who cannot sustain without power supply. Love is hypothetical, surreal; beyond grasp for me. Sorry, Kate, but I can’t love you enough. Forgive me.

He expounded.

What? A Robot? How is that possible? But you appear so human. Your looks, garb, mien, and even solicitude for me seem to be real. Did you feign our love as well?

Lachrymose you lamented.

It was an experiment. A master plan, with an intent. What kind of intent? A ruse to deceive me?

You inquired.

Sorry, Kate, I didn’t mean to be personal. It wasn’t meant to disparage you. This note explains everything.

Thunderstruck and staggered by the revelation; you collapse. He hands you a letter and walks away.

The note appears to be an acknowledgement with a section for feedback. As tear drops roll down your tinted cheeks, you read it.

Dear Kate,

Thanks for being a part of this exceptional experiment. Sam is a humanoid robot. Hope you would be well aware of the fact by now. He is an alpha prototype of our new AI study. We would love to know your feedback on him. 

A few questions:

Does he resemble a human?

When did you realise that he is a robot?

Rate his emotional quotient.




Everything seems to be surreal for you now. Your heart still repudiates to accept the truth.

Does love exist? Was your love an infatuation or a pretence?

Was he just an artifice of love?

Questions cascade your mind, but still his love beholds a place in your feeble heart.

Perhaps, if the realms of technology and reality obliterated, you could meet him again.

But, would his love be unfeigned?

Would he be a mere machine, an artifice, or a human?

Would your love story illumine the barriers of realism or be untold and lost engraved on the pages of a research journal?

Your eyes anticipate him, but heart grieves. 

Yet, life goes on…


Citation: https://www.cnet.com/science/biology/scientists-craft-living-skin-for-robots-made-of-human-cells/


Photo credits: Possessed photography

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