ArTales12: The Area 153 Series


Lately, people in the Area 153 have been abandoning their homes and leaving the place for good. And, no one knows exactly why.

A couple who just have bought and moved into their new house in the neighbourhood couldn’t leave the place. 

Tonight, they have decided to find out the happenings around Area 153, especially in the neighbourhood building that is rumoured to be haunted. Or is it really? What are they gonna find out or witness?

Imagination has no limits, even genres. So, stage and write the story according to the above prompt.


1. Your story must have a minimum of 2500 and a maximum of 4000 words.
2. Must use the premise Area 153 in your story.
3. No previously published works, only fresh stories are considered. 
4. No plagiarism. 
5. Send in as many entries as you can. The last date for submission is June 25, 2018, at 23:59 Hrs
6. Send your story through a WORD FILE ONLY to [email protected].
7. Send a high-quality picture relating to the story along with your story and we’ll make the cover. Refer for high-quality pictures. 
8. Have fun! Yes, that’s a rule. Enjoy writing!
9. By sending your story you are allowing us to share your story on our website

Winning criteria:
1. Winner will be decided by the ArtoonsInn team judges taking readers’ comments/reviews into consideration.
2. Readers reactions are also taken into consideration in case of a tie between the judges. Any reaction = 1, Share = 2 points.
3. Winner will get a beautiful novel delivered to their address.

–>Readers are requested to comment on stories and share their constructive criticism.
–>Let’s make this a community of writers and readers helping writers and readers.
Share your reviews and don’t abandon a story.
–>Based on some untold rules, we decide an active member in the community as the Artoon of the month. 

P.S. Please send us a 2-3 line introduction about yourself along with your #ArTales-12 story for #Area153

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