Alipi Das


Alipi Das is a voracious reader and enjoys both reading and writing. She is inclined more towards classics, she also loves painting, traveling and swimming.
  • The Fat Man

    On the top floor of the high-rise; in the dimly lit corner room, the shadows lurked around, murmured and sighed in exasperation. Bales of paper;...2 min

  • A Gift of Gratitude

    The pit was dark, the noose of the rope tightened around his neck, he was being sucked into the quicksand.   The vibration of the cell...3 min

  • The Buried Truth

    “It is true  I was created in you.  It is also true  That you were created for me.”  Maya Angelou Death entered suddenly and calmly...2 min

  • The Roused Prodigal

    The old man woke up with a start. He looked around groggily and squinted as his eyes settled on the cloudy sky above. A droplet...6 min

  • Freedom at Dawn

      Achebe looked lovingly at the only ray of light in her life, Lesedi, who kicked with her tiny legs on Achebe’s bosom. Lesedi wailed...7 min

  • Unscripted

    The lovely evening breeze swept across her face as Mita craned her head outside the car window. She always enjoyed this ride from home to...2 min

  • The Valedictory

    “Oh death!! You win, I lose. I bow to you.” My grieving heart couldn’t accept the unbearable news. I was introspecting over the inexorable reality...1 min

  • A Simple Life

    It was Springtime, a sunny, Sunday morning, Amma as usual was busy with her daily household chores, be it rain or sunshine, the old lady...3 min

  • The last hug

    The garlanded photo of my aunt’s face; reflected the same arrogance and ego of her prime. My mind raced, amidst the background of the Shradh...1 min

  • One Night Stand Off

    It was a hectic day, I reminisced as I walked down the narrow, deserted lane. Tired, I dragged myself to the main road; connecting the...3 min

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