Friday, October 30, 2020

Anne Adarsh

Anne Adarsh is a Radiologist by profession, but finds herself repeatedly returning to her first love in all things. Poetry. A self-confessed recluse also blessed (or cursed, perhaps!), with an insatiable curiosity to learn new things, writing to her, means a landscape in her mind's eye, to which she can always escape to, whenever life closes in on her.


JFK International Airport, Queens, NY.  Fall of 2019 A man walked briskly towards the baggage conveyor belt and hauled off his huge suitcase - a grey...

Games At Twilight

Adare, County Limerick  2020 “Something 'bout this photograph takes me back in time,” said the retiring Inspector. He was looking down at the contents of his...


Solidarity Present Day, Mumbai, India 2020 Young Raman sat dejectedly by the asphalt road. The sun beat down upon his bare-skinned shoulders. The viral invasion that...