Sunday, October 25, 2020

Nitika Sawhney

Nitika Sawhney is a writer with a heart and face full of smiles. Mostly carefree, she occasionally delves into an imaginative realm. That's where she gets her ideas from. She enjoys watching movies. Visual scenes navigate her into an unreturning zone. She has a controversial persona. Obsessive about perfection, IShe convinces herself hard that it's okay to lie in a mess, sometimes 🙂 She likes mornings, yet she wakes up late. She wants to go slim, yet she ends up eating more. In short, I am a dissimilitude soul that likes different things at different times. The only constant in my life is my family and writing :)"


The daily azaan woke her up. She looked at the wall-clock; it was 4:55 am. Getting up with little difficulty, she placed the pillow...

Dorris and Jane

Standing outside the school gate, Dorris blindly fiddled through his school bag and got disappointed to find only one chocolate. But after a brief...

A Young Dream

From an early age, maybe 6 or 7, Sukhpreet did strange things. He would go to the corners of the house walls and talk....