Avni: Hey Joel, where are you headed? 

Joel: Avni, hi! I’m going to that empty classroom to do a last- minute read. Care to join?

Avni: Yeah, let’s go. Dude, how well are you prepped for today’s exam? 

Joel: Who, me? Bruh, you know me….when did I ever prep for an exam these past three years?

Avni: Yeah right, you never prepare…of course! And yet, you managed to top three out of our five semesters till now?

Joel: Sarky, eh? I just got freakin’ lucky, Avni! But today it’s Microelectronics. Most of it goes over my head. And then, I’m like sitting in the exam hall and staring into the firmament, looking for answers. 

Avni: Answers for the paper or answers to life? For me, it’s more of the latter these days.

Joel: Answers to life? Wow, that was deep, bro! Now…why are you rolling your eyes? I meant it – it WAS deep! There are so many things for which we have no answers. Like, why did I have to have that shrimp soup last night? I’ve been feeling wabbit ever since. Ma had made simple appam stew but no, I had to order Mexican shrimp soup. Couldn’t study a line after that. I’ve had it earlier also and it was pretty cool. But yesterday it tasted weird….talk of Murphy’s Law! 

Avni: Very funny! I mean, yeah…I’m kinda sorry about your tummy and all. But you wanna know what’s cooking at my place? My Lola aunt from Thrissur has come – the poor man’s Sima Aunty! 

Joel: Lola aunt from Thrissur…don’t really remember. And now who’s this Sima Aunty, for Chrissake?! Are they the same person?

Avni: Dude, NO! Sima Aunty is..….well, Sima Aunty! Forget it. And I did tell you guys about Lola aunt – the one who’s always brandishing matches made in heaven…like the way you would brandish a machete! ‘Take it or I hack you to pieces, right here, right now!’ That’s the aura she commands. In fact, she was the one who got Veena Chechi hitched. And now I think she’s eyeing me!

Joel: FWEEET!!! So very soon we’re gonna have a big, fat Indian wedding, right bro? Oh boy, where’s the squad? They need to hear this…hahaha!!!

Avni: Joel! Dude, don’t whistle so loud….Arun Sir will come running and order us to go sit in the library! And stop guffawing – no Comedy Circus happening here. My troubles are real. 

Joel: Sorry Avni, I almost saw you as a bride….see, I got happy tears in my eyes!

Avni: That’s why you’re cracking up, right? Anyway, dude, what shall we do? My brain has already started fogging….

Joel: Okay, I have an idea. Let’s do quid pro quo – you show me your answers, I show you mine. 

Avni: But that’s so risky! Besides, it’s not right. Let’s stick to our B grades – at least, I’ll get to sleep in peace. 

Joel: Cool! Let’s be honest, if nothing else. Good luck, Avni.

Avni: You too, bro!



P.C. Fran Innocenti on Unsplash









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    1. I don’t have a Lola Aunty but i have one qualified and two aspiring engineers at home. The latter thoroughly dislike what they are doing – talk of late realisation! So relatable for me too ?
      Thank you Shankar.

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