• Artoon Anuradha Pandemic

    Stay away, Love!

    Zaheer ran to the farthest corner of the vast football ground. His tiny feet loved to feel the grass and he enjoyed the freedom of...3 min

  • Opened up…

    ‘Don’t worry about me Ma, I am safe here.’ Aarush beamed over the phone. The joy on his face was inexpressible. It seemed as though...3 min

  •   Of Crooks And Saints

     There were people dying everywhere  And yet there were those who refused to see the monstrosity unleashed by   a tiny virus…  But  there were angels...3 min

  • Corona Diaries

    Day 1    I read the ‘Work from Home Directives’ with growing trepidation. My data is in the office desktop and I have a deadline looming....3 min

  • Debt

    The day’s jamming session ended on a merry note. It was Mason’s lead and he pulled it off fairer than how he thought he would....3 min

  • Do We Matter?

    “Poonam, finish your work quickly. It’s late.” Yes, bibiji*. I’m sorry that I’m late today. My little one is unwell. She kept crying at night...3 min


    “The recent war between the two popular countries came to an end and there were survivors from that tragedy who were warmly welcomed to our...3 min

  • A River Called Life

    Krishna navigated through the labyrinth of huts dotting the slum, to reach the bus stop. ‘Saar, is this the place where we wait to get...3 min

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