• The Rendezvous

    “You can’t go beyond this point, there’s been an accident,” Rooh overheard the policeman caution the driver in the car ahead. Thwarted, he took a...3 min

  • Revival

    Raven and Mischa stretched their arms. They slid like fish, twirled like birds and swayed like bears in rhythm to the traditional drum beats. Mischa’s...3 min

  • Artoon Anuradha Pandemic

    Stay away, Love!

    Zaheer ran to the farthest corner of the vast football ground. His tiny feet loved to feel the grass and he enjoyed the freedom of...3 min

  • A Sealed Fate

    Clutching the bedpost knuckles drawn white, Megh watched with piercing eyes and gulped down the questions that distressed him.  Swiftly striding, he opened the windows...3 min

  • Shelf Life

    “Hey! Didn’t you watch the news at the mart? Keep one-metre distance. will you?”  “What are you? Humon?” “No. I just don’t want to take...3 min


    “Passengers travelling by Indigo 6E-392 to Gauhati via Kolkata, kindly proceed for boarding ….……,” In a daze, Angshuman proceeded towards the departure gate. This was...3 min

  • Truth & lies

    Abhay whimpered, in the dark corner of his cell. Life can be cruel behind the bars. Just two days inside, he could not get over...3 min

  • A Mother’s Love

    “Oh dear Alex! Stop wincing. It will just take a while”, Martha pacified her son Alex while applying the ointment on his neck. The 4...3 min

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