• Artoon Anuradha Pandemic

    Stay away, Love!

    Zaheer ran to the farthest corner of the vast football ground. His tiny feet loved to feel the grass and he enjoyed the freedom of...3 min

  • Shelf Life

    “Hey! Didn’t you watch the news at the mart? Keep one-metre distance. will you?”  “What are you? Humon?” “No. I just don’t want to take...3 min


    “Passengers travelling by Indigo 6E-392 to Gauhati via Kolkata, kindly proceed for boarding ….……,” In a daze, Angshuman proceeded towards the departure gate. This was...3 min

  • Milan Doesn’t Stop

      Disclaimer: All names, places and incidents are purely fictional. Please don’t be tempted to google and look for mistakes. Instead, the writer recommends doing...3 min

  • The Path of Recovery

    Bhumi stood before the crowded hall, her eyes burning with defiance. The cross questioning had gone on for long but she refused to budge. It...3 min

  • Oh life, precious life!

    Hope bloomed as  beds of white daisies by the Amsterdam canals. Asmita embodied the effervescent spirit of Spring. She hummed  ‘la vie en Rose’, as...3 min

  • Opened up…

    ‘Don’t worry about me Ma, I am safe here.’ Aarush beamed over the phone. The joy on his face was inexpressible. It seemed as though...3 min

  •   Tubsy’s Tale  

    The colony is eerily quiet. Usually, at 7 every morning, our happy nest of six families always reverberates with life. But today, it’s noiseless and...3 min

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