“Chandra, stop! Don’t chase the time aimlessly deep down in the forest. Before we move further, we need to find where we are moving. These are the Jhelum riverbed area. I’m afraid we have entered into the Seleucus’s empire. We may invite trouble if we advance further.”

“Acharya, I’m your disciple. I won’t do anything which may undermine your teachings. Wandering aimlessly is not what I’ve learnt from you. Just bless me. I’ll not only conquer his Eastern-Kingdom but our tactful initiative will also bring Dhanananda at your feet. ”

“But we’re unprepared.”

“Don’t worry, Acharya. You’ll be surprised to know that Ms. Helena has been awaiting me at Jhelum’s bank. I’m marching ahead to bring her.”

“What! She is Seleucus’s daughter, a devout-Greek! She won’t do anything contrary to the throne whether she is assured of the whole firmament.”

“Acharya, kindly be with me as it raises my confidence. We’re about to reach.”

“But dear, I feel wabbit after traversing all along the Arawali. I’ll prefer to take some rest if it won’t harm your cause.”  

“Acharya, take a rest. But I seek your permission to go ahead and bring Helena.”

“Fine. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that you’ve to return undisturbed. Come triumphant!”


“Helena, I’ve arrived. Come fast, time is running out.”

“Wait, Prince. You can not touch the Princess”, said one of the guards.” 

“I’ve been surrounded by my bodyguards. You’ve to free me.”

“Princess, you’re a warrior’s daughter, get de-clutched. They can’t harm you even if you run away”. 

“No, Chandra. I’m afraid they’ll attack you with a Machete instead.” 

“Don’t be perturbed, probably they’re not acquainted with my aura. Just make them aware.” 

“Chandra, I do know your capabilities and so do the others. I’ve one proposal if you compassionately agree to. They’re ready to cross-over, if promised to be reinstated in your army in quid pro quo arrangements.”

“So far you find them loyal, I won’t find any reason to reject it. Come fast.”


“Acharya, with your blessings, I’ve Helena with us. We’re about to be in a position to set the tone for our endeavor.”

“Welcome my dear. I’ll always be there for you if you take steps in a rightful manner. Come on. Dusk has set in. Durdhara will be waiting for you impatiently.” 

“Acharya, Durdhara is sacred, so is my relationship but I need Helena in order to achieve our goal. Kindly bless her. I’m sure she will bring good fortune as my better-half.” 

“Hey God! Let my disciple have a better sense prevailed. I’d not like to be detrimental to one’s privy but our penance must reap the fruits.”


“Durdhara, let Helena cherish your empathy. Now you two are to care for the emperor and his empire. Please embrace her”, asked Acharya.  

“Acharya, he’s the custodian of my dignity. Finding him delighted is subtle for me. I’ll make sure with our bonding, he finds enough solace and impulse so as to do things fulfilling your wishes.”   



Author’s Note:

The story is historical fiction of the Chandragupta Maurya Period. He was a disciple of Chanakya (Acharya) who had vowed to defeat the Nand dynasty. Seleucus couldn’t defeat the Nandas so his greek empire was settled in Western India (also termed as Eastern-Greek). Hence Chandragupta allured Helena to bring Seleucus in his fold, with the help of him, Nanda was eventually defeated.)

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