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“Lockdown extended! Loria

Why did this happen to us?”
“Remove those scars from your face. It’s now a part of life that knocks at your strength.
Let us not discuss or spoil our daily dose of laughter.”
insisted Loria.
“Go to sleep friend. Let’s connect to our dream world.”
Maria added.
And they found themselves in their wonderful land of their ancestral property. A land with peace and prosperity. The mystic atmosphere, the cosy environment of vegetation and the sparkling flow of crystal clear H2O.
They were screaming and chilling in the sunshine, when suddenly …
“Hey, do not touch or pluck those flowers. They’re glowing. Leave them alone”
shouted Fred.
“Let’s go over there Loria, I am hungry. I want to eat on whatever I get.” Lucy laughed as she spoke to Loria.
“Do share with us, Lucy. As we have limited resources. Do not waste, dear.
Ya, true Loria” added Maria.
Fred was humming with happiness.
“My earth, loving this freshness. I want to gobble the air and purify my soul.
That crystal waterfall, smells like heaven. The greenery is just cooling my brain. Feels like having an ayurvedic treatment on my body and soul.
“Loria, let us have a bonfire and cherish this moment for ever.”
“Bonfire! there you are. This is what is all the misery about. Why to pollute the air, when it is a blessing to us. Let us go to our rooms and have a nap.’
Loria’s words had always been an inspiration for her friends.
“Ok, fine. Let us bump into our beds for a better tomorrow.”
Fred agreed to Loria.
Next day, as the curtains were up,
Rendon was found screaming  at his friends for cleaning duties.
“Oh get up friends. We are late.
What a mess to this beautiful house. Let’s clean up before I go out to collect something to eat to prepare food for the day.”
Maria nodded and she with Lucy cleaned up the whole mess throwing everything outside the house.
“Hey! What you both have done?!” Loria was surprised to see the trash outside the house.
“I better clean it up myself, before the wind blows it away and scatter it to the greenery.”
“I am sad girls, that you care for yourselves more than the environment”
Fred poked his nose too.
“Let us plant some more saplings before we leave this place.” Loria requested.
The next day scene….
“I am happy that we followed the minimum rules to preserve our ancestral property. Isn’t it equally in demand for our earth to be safe and sound happy?”
asked Loria.
Suddenly, a splash of water !
Oops, what happened? Who is that?
“Get up Loria, help me in my house chores. I need you. “
“Ok mom.”
….and she left to her duties.
But her mind was busy creating a good play in 2021.


Photo By: Joshua Sortino

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