Everyone In Your Life Comes For a Purpose

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The bell at flat number 311, Sriram smrithi apartments, Electronic city, Bengaluru rang.

Preety will you please attend to the call.

Ok mom, I will do for you this favor.

Thank you dear.

Preety went and opened the door and found the postman with a letter in Yellow.

Taking the letter she relieves the postman and looks upside and down of the letter.

Hey mom who is Mrs. Joanna Lally from Yeshwantpur.

As far as I remember we do not have any friends or relatives of this name. Any one in your office.

No dear I do not remember any one of this name I ever came across. May be the postman must have made a mistake.

But my twelve year old detective daughter was not satisfied with my answer and said but Mom this letter has our address the way you mention it always as “Mercy Madam”.

Is it like that.

“Yeah mom, it is like that”, was her answer.

Bring it here dear let me have a look.

So I opened the letter and the letter began as

October 19, 2018

Hello Mercy,

I hope my letter is not a strange one to you. Is it? Well then I would like to introduce myself as Mrs. Joanna Lally your host at 411, prestige complex, Yashwantpur, Bengaluru. We met about two months back when landslide had led us to be together in my house for two days. Do you remember me?

August 19, 2018 was the last day we all thought when you all stepped in our house and said those golden words “No one dies before he accomplishes his purpose.”

You know those two days my best golden days I ever had in my life since my childhood. You all who were there with us became our inspiration and motivation to live even though we had lost everything and even our hopes. Those funny chats, those laughing session, and finally those masaledar pranks over each other.

We were about to die when you all came as a ray of hope in our lives.

We had no friends to share our unbearable agony of failure and shattering. But you all came like a magical nation all listening to our story of treachery.

No one believed what we said till date and we had no proof to prove my husband’s innocence in the case. We had tried all the ways to come out of it but failed.

But you know that landslide must be a disaster for others but for me it was the blessing.

Do you remember Mr. Peterson. He asked me for all the details of the company and all the charges and proofs that were against us when he was leaving on 21 August, 2018. I asked him why? And he smiled and said “For your sweet hospitality.”

And today’s newspaper read the Mr. Peterson is the great Lawyer of this city known for bringing justice to the unjust. He called me up today, and said that he is going to file a case against Jackson and Jackson company for the forgery they have done against my husband, requesting me to be a petitioner. He also said that he is going to fight this case at a fee of one bacon Berger. I had no hope of seeing the smile of my husband back on his face. But when I met Mr. Peterson and saw his investigations my eyes were astonished. He just cannot fall back. He got all the proofs.

There I also met Trisha you remember the media person. Mr. Peterson also asked her to give full coverage of the story so that everyone knows the truth and no setbacks. There I also saw Preetam you remember the person with wig-like hairs always lost in his own world of detectivity. We use to laugh at him. He is the actual mastermind behind the case solving. Mr. Peterson approached Preetam and asked to find out the real truths behind the story I told that day. Preetam said actually I too wanted to help the family but I alone cannot do it so I gave up the idea, but now you too are there, I will help you. So this team of trio became active from that day onwards moving like a shadow with Jackson and Jackson company without them being aware. They searched his house with no evidence. Then they looked for his office with nothing. They even followed his close friends, family, and business partners too, but nothing came in hand. He was just clean. For over one and half month it appeared that they all were wrong and they were all becoming weary and discouraged, when all of a sudden Mr. Jackson’s ship came. They heard Mr. Jackson yelling “Why are you here? I have instructed you that I will approach you always not you, then why are you here.”

Preetam managed his slip and got into the ship and thoroughly searched the ship at his own pace without being noticed. There he came across a secret chamber in the cabin of the captain as “unreachable”. This word struck Preetam’s head and he did all to open it and when he opened it there it was the complete set of all the documents and alterations Mr. Jackson had done with everyone to maintain his position in the market. No doubt he is clean because his proofs are floating in water miles away from him which no one can ever trace.

Open the TV and see how Mr. Peterson and the team worked out their victory.

Indeed, today I am reminded of your words that everyone in our lives come for a purpose. I see it today. You all are my best, best persons I ever met in my life.

Thank you for everything.


Joanna Lally.

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