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Can Rick and Sally be considered as Supernatural?

Sonal’s Comment: ‘Ahem! You know your imaginary…’ You know who’, that is supernatural 😀 😀 Right Sarves?

Reply: ‘Nooooo. You can not just expose my story idea. Although this time I won’t be writing’

Sarita’s Comment: ‘Sandy, you know she can.’

I saw the comment on the post very late in the evening and I decided that I would stick to my stand of not writing this time.  I was about to doze off when my phone beeped. It was a text message.


Hi, this is Ahana. Are you feeling alone? Please call me at 7437******

I was completely perplexed at the message. I know it was one of the cheapest texts one can read but I was worried about the name present there and of course the timing. The people who know me know that I have used this name as a character in almost all my stories. A text like this when the recent prompt from the platform I write for was the main character must talk to some supernatural being – couldn’t just be a coincidence now, could it? I took the screenshot of the text and sent it to multiple friends. Friends, who also write for the same platform. I considered this as an opportunity to write another story. A story where I really got a chance to talk to a character I created. It would be so much fun, I thought.  I closed my eyes imagining the idea in my mind.

Almost 2 hours passed when I decided to sleep but I couldn’t. Now, I wanted to live the life of the main character. I saved the number from the text message and texted that number on Whatsapp.


I wasn’t expecting an immediate reply at 2:00 AM but still, I was continuously gawking at the phone screen. I was prepared for all the possibilities. A fraud, a coincidence, some escort service, future in jail, dead because of a cheap text, I thought about everything, but then it was my one chance of getting some content. I knew, no one would reply, but yet I was hopeful.

‘Hi, who is this?’ the number replied.

My sleep vanished.

‘I got your number from a company-built text saying you are Ahana and I can contact you if I am feeling alone. Not that I am feeling alone, but I have another reason. But, first I need to know who you are?’

‘I am Ahana only, but this wasn’t supposed to be a message for you. I have been getting these types of texts. I have done the police complaint also. Now, stop texting.’

I was happy that her name was Ahana, but how would I continue talking to her and not giving the impression of a creep.

‘Hey listen. I just want you to at least allow me to tell the reason why I contacted you. I don’t want you to end this conversation considering me as a creep or something. I am not.’ I hit the send button. She didn’t reply.

I couldn’t sleep the whole night.

Next Morning

I woke up and the first thing I checked was my WhatsApp. She hadn’t replied, but the good thing was that she hasn’t blocked me as well. I checked her status. She was online. I typed a message and then erased it. I had to do something to tell her the reason why I contacted her. I thought for a bit and then hit upon the perfect excuse. I typed the reason and dropped the message, without expecting anything.

Two minutes later, I got a call from the same number.

‘Hello,’ I said as I picked up the call.

‘So, you are saying that you have used my name in every story and now you want to write a story about how you actually talked to me when the theme is supernatural?’

‘Yes. Listen, I don’t know you and I am sorry that I texted you but,….’

‘But I am real. You are talking to a real human being. It wouldn’t fit the prompt,’  she interrupted me.

‘Yes, but I would mold the story in a way that you would come out as an imaginary character again. It’s a fictional story.’


‘Isn’t it? Just share the link with me, when you are done with the story.’

‘Sure. Thank you and I am really sorry.’ I felt like a dumb person. It was the most normal conversation I could have had. Nothing exciting. Anyway, I wrote the story and sent it to Sarves and Sonal for the plot and grammar check. They have always helped me. After their approval, I posted the story on the platform as well and then I sent the link to Ahana as well.

‘Hey, please find the link. I have got some amazing responses. Please read.’ I wrote in my message.

‘Wonderful story,’ she said in revert and then added, ‘But, I can’t see any comments there.’

‘What? Read what Sonal, Sarves, and Mithru have written.’

‘I can’t see anything. There are 7 comments on the story. All from you saying ‘Thank you’ to different people.  No other comments.’

‘Um, that’s strange? Okay, can you check the stories posted by other people? Can you see the comments on those stories?’

‘Dude, I can only see stories posted by you and one other random post from your side.’


‘Yeah! Wait, I’ll share the screenshot. of the last post as well.’

My phone dinged.

Can Rick and Sally be considered as Supernatural?

Sandy’s Comment: ‘Ahem! You know your imaginary…’ You know who’, that is supernatural 😀 😀 Right Sarves?

‘Nooooo. You can not just expose my story idea. Although this time I won’t be writing’

‘Sandy, you know she can.’

There were no other comments.

I opened the group on whatsapp to see that I was the only member of the group and 7000 single ticked messages.


Photo Credits: Joshua Hehe

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Sandeep Jumrani
Hailing from Agra, Sandeep is a business developer by choice and a storyteller by passion. He believes that writing stories allows one to build their own fictional world. According to him, we all are playing characters and different roles in people’s life stories.
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