Tuesday, May 26, 2020


‘I’ve a question, Dad’,

‘Again!’ James spoke through clenched teeth, irritated.

‘Dad, do I have a Mom?’

‘Mom! Now who told you about that, Ryan?’ James was exasperated at the boy’s never ending questions. Damn! the sci-fi movies he’s so fond of!

‘’Dad, I was rummaging through the documents in the study for some homework and I found this old photograph. ‘Baby’s first day out with Mom’, it says. What’s a Mom, Dad? Why don’t we have them now?’’

‘You’re too young to know all this, Ryan…go to your room now’, James shouted.

How do I explain to him now what women are? Wish Dad was here but he had to rush to help the brother with the kids. He punched a few buttons angrily. The stench from the washer was nauseating. Dinner was yet to be made. He couldn’t let the kid go to bed hungry.


They stared in disbelief as the spacecraft zoomed out of sight in the fraction of a second. They were gone. All of them. The irritating, annoying, nagging, jabbering women.

Good riddance! Liberty! Freedom! They erupted in jubilation.


The aliens had been fuming as they watched the earthlings – the lesser mortals – demean, berate, rape and kill their women with impunity. The gentle creatures-the ones with the higher intelligence had to be protected.


The cells were put in the right place. Bodies protested at the intrusion but complied. Procreation was taken care of.

The babies had to be tended, fed, cleaned, put to sleep. House chores to be done. Money to be earned. With half the population suddenly vanishing, consumerism had taken a hit, work opportunities diminished. Intense fights broke out at the slightest provocation.

They longed for a soothing touch, a gentle caress, a love note.

Freedom was now an ugly word.

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Seema Taneja
Seema Taneja
Seema Taneja is a former teacher of English. She expresses herself through fiction and poetry in English and Hindi. She also writes on matters concerning politics, economics, gender and lifestyle issues. Photography is her other love.
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