Horizon in death

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Mathew was trying very hard to breathe. The pulse was dropping down exponentially. The doctor started giving him CPR and the nurses around started making arrangements for the surgery. The ECG graph started flattening.

Mathew clearly knew that the next inhale he is going to take is his last breath. He eyes slowly faded into a black gauntlet. Mathew took his last breath.

But Mathew was aware of himself. He was surrounded by his wife, sons, and daughters, and they started weeping incessantly. Mathew saw his family weeping around his dead body and Mathew was shocked at what he saw.

Immediately Mathew was pulled into a black cave and dimension of time vanished. Mathew couldn’t remember how long he was travelling inside the cave. The black cave in the sides showed his memories and at the end of a cave, he saw his mother holding a kid. Mathew knew that the kid was him.

Mathew found himself in a green lush field. The sun was slowly rising and the flowers started blooming. Peter was standing beside him.

“So we meet here.” Peter smiled.


The place was filled with mutilated bodies. The cries of soldiers echoed in the battleground and the troop almost was on the verge of surrender. But the battalion didn’t lose hope. They ran evading the flood of bullets and rain of bombs.

Mathew dodged a bullet and pointed the direction of the enemy. Peter started firing in that direction.

“The enemy has surrounded us. They are firing in all the directions. We are doomed.” Mathew shouted in Peter’s ear.

“There’s still hope, Mathew. Find a hideout, we can still strategize. Let us die, but we will not accept defeat.”

Mathew found a hideout which was a bunker.

“Let’s get inside the bunker. We will carefully attack one enemy at a time. Let us make sure that we will kill each enemy in a different direction, so that enemy doesn’t know where the bullet is coming.” Peter said.

“Then I will guard the bunker entrance so that no enemy enters,” Mathew said in agreement to the plan.

They slowly started crawling on top of mutilated bodies and wet ground. Peter was hit by a bullet on his right abdomen.

“Peter,” Mathew screamed.

“Keep moving Mathew, don’t stop!” Peter screamed.

Mathew reached the bunker and gave Peter hand to get in the bunker. Peter was bleeding continuously.

“Let me remove the bullet.” Mathew.

“No. Let’s get on the job.”

Peter started aiming at enemies and started eliminating one enemy at a time. The enemies are confused from where the bullets are coming. Peter’s arteries stopped pumping and his eyes started fading out as the there was no oxygen in his brain. The air support came and started firing at the enemy battalion.

“Peter wake up. We got support from air battalion. We won. We live again.”

Peter saw death, “I am going to meet you in a green field.” Peter whispered.

Peter died.

Mathew met Peter at green field.

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