“It can probably be dated back to the Proto-Renaissance period,” she gave the once-over to the painting.

“It’s done in the distinctive style of Raphael Vasaccio, one of the lesser-known Renaissance masters. Heavily influenced by Realism, he strived to portray the lives of people in the community, unlike his contemporaries who aided a reverent revival of Classical Greek art.

“I need to ponder over it before we nail it down,” Donna concluded.

Donna, Professor in the History of Art Department at the University of Cornwall, had a special interest in the Renaissance Italian art. Her word was taken as gospel by local art aficionados for the pieces picked up for a farthing had regularly raked in megabucks at the art galleries, thanks to her eagle eye.


“What’s this? Children frolicking in the woods? They look funny!” Ben’s voice, broke her reverie. She couldn’t help smiling at his remark.

She threw a glance at the painting. Of course, the figures bedecked in the distinctive medieval costume; stocking and tunics looked amusing.

While she had been cracking her brains on the medium, perspective, and technique, Ben, her seven-year-old son had noticed the humane aspect of the painting. Children, and their imagination!


“How met! Mine eyes doth taketh interest in thee,” Ben exclaimed, spotting her.

“Wh…at? You’re speaking some serious Renaissance shi*.!” Donna responded, eyeing Ben narrowly.

“They are teaching me. I tell ye truth.” Ben quickly said as he noticed a sea of questions in his mother’s eyes.

“Hugo, Ivar, and Ivo talk to me day in and day out. The other four including the girl are a bit hesitant, but Hugo says they’ll come around.” Ben said excitedly, pointing at the figures in the painting.

“See these marks Hugo made while walking on stilts,” Ben pointed at the section of the painting which appeared to be having few holes in the mud.

“Here, Ivo is practicing his superb ring-toss.

“They’ve invited me too. Ivar says we can play games like Knucklebones, Morra, and leapfrog, if I join them.” he looked at her expectantly.

“Prithee! Mama!” he switched to medieval English.

Donna gaped at Ben. Oh! This boy! Probably being an only child was getting to him. Such high-strung imagination!   

“Huzzah! I bid thee farewell. Anon, my lady,” Ben cheered as she nodded in affirmation.

She mentally vowed to spend more time with her son as she rushed to the university.


“Be…..n, where are you! It’s not funny anymore.” It had been more than an hour since anyone had seen him. The household–help had last seen him near the painting.

Something prodded her to fix her gaze at the artwork.

She stood rooted to her place. Her heart skipped a few beats as she counted the children. The silence deepened. She felt the hair stirring on the back of her neck.

…six…seven and eight! She squinted at the eighth child peeping out from behind a silver birch —it was Ben!

He tipped his head to the side and winked.



  • How met! = How are you?
  • I bid thee farewell = Goodbye.
  • Anon = I will see you later.
  • Mine eyes doth taketh interest in thee = I like what I see/You look great.
  • I tell ye truth = I’m telling the truth.
  • Prithee = Please.
  • Knucklebones, Morra, and leapfrog- popular games during the Renaissance period

(Source: https://hobbylark.com/fandoms/How-to-Talk-at-a-Renaissance-Faire)


Photo By: Pixabay

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