Lady Luck

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‘Isn’t my piece of the sky beautiful” asked Aparna.

“Aparna, for God’s sake, we live in a broken, leaky tarpaulin tent! What is so beautiful about the blue patch through the hole in our roof?” Asked Gaurav. 

“I can soar through this hole right into the sky and dance among the stars in my dreams. Isn’t that wonderful Gaurav?”

“When every day is a struggle how can one dream, Aparna?” Exclaimed Gaurav. 

“You get disheartened too easily. I know you have been feeling a bit wabbit Gaurav, let me massage your head, it should make you feel better.”

“Ah, that feels just divine. What would I do without you Aparna? 

“Do you still nurture those dreams Appu? A nice house, a garden full of flowers, children laughing? “ 

“Yes, I do Gaurav, said Aparna. Every single day. I see the flowers bobbing their heads, I see myself dancing in the rain, experiencing the petrichor and enjoying the psithurism, and I see you playing with the children around.” 

“No wonder your aura captivates everyone whose lives you touch! You radiate an infectious positivity! I wish we had a better life, Appu.” “Remarked Gaurav.

“You can dream too! It keeps our hopes alive Gaurav” whispered Aparna. 

“Life has made me cynical Aparna, we are set to fail.  One step forward and ten steps backward. How can we find courage? Aparna, you are living in a bubble.”

‘Gaurav, I refuse to believe that. We cannot give up. I know the gangster slumlord is going to be here tomorrow demanding his pound of flesh for this dingy little tent in this filthy hutment colony. He will humiliate us as he always does and eyes me lecherously. It makes me sick. Let us just leave.”

“What is it, my love? I can see a gleam in your eye as you speak!” 

“I have a plan Gaurav, she said. 

“Sigh! A grand plan by the eternal dreamer! Life is unlike the lottery tickets on which you throw the money we can scarce afford”.

“Don’t underestimate me Gaurav, I just may hit the jackpot one day! Don’t mumble under your breath! You know I don’t like that, love!

“OK, my darling, what is your plan?

“Just listen to me carefully Gaurav. Get me that machete you bought from the second-hand market. I shall put it to good use “ 

“Are you slaying someone, Aparna? Here is the machete. I hope you don’t get us to the police station!

Thanks, Gaurav, now hold this bag; it has our few possessions.”

“Oh goodness me, you are breaking down the tent with that matchet. Gangster slumlord is going to eat us alive. And you are smiling!

“Quid Pro Quo Gaurav!  See what I have here!”

“Knock me down with a feather, you actually won that lottery! Fifty Lacs!

Yes, Gaurav, now let’s chase those dreams. Not the patch in the sky but the entire firmament!

“Appu! Give me your hand! Let’s scoot! I love you my dream catcher”!




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