The night was pitch dark.

The sliver of the moon hardly provided any light.

The figure, dressed as dark as the night, moved quietly and stealthily over the wall.

The barbed wire provided no hindrance.

The visitor was ready for anything.

The sound of moving feet alerted the lean and lethal looking Doberman, who growled at the intrusion. Barking furiously, it ran towards the visitor.

The sudden sound of something falling a bit further, diverted the dog’s attention. 

Temptation won and the dog gobbled up the meat. The barking continued, but with less enthusiasm, as the dog staggered and sank to the ground with short whines.

Head cocked, the figure listened. Hearing no more unwanted sounds, the figure climbed down to the other side.

Crossing the garden, the figure moved across the well manicured lawns to the large bungalow. 

Muffled feet hardly made a sound as the figure reached a window.

Using gloved hands, the figure opened the large window and climbed inside. 

Watching for intrusion, the nocturnal visitor’s eyes adjusted to the pitch darkness. 

Feeling along the walls, the gloved hands found the bookshelf along the wall. 

Time was of essence.

The figure quickly removed the fourth book on the third shelf. Reaching behind it, the figure succeeded in producing a quiet, satisfying click.

Suddenly, part of the upper bookcase slid back to reveal the steely-grey face of a modern safe.

The figure stepped back into the centre of the room and there was a soft rustling sound. Shirt, trousers, scarf fell to the carpet in the sudden light of the moon.

This was quickly doused as thick velvet curtains were pulled across the window.

The total darkness lasted only for a moment.

There was another click and the desk lamp was turned on.

The dark night visitor was gone.

Instead, there stood a woman, exquisitely made up, dressed in a full length black gown.

The clock struck twelve, as she deftly rolled up her discarded clothing into a ball and stuffed them in a black shoulder bag.

She straightened up and took a deep breath. 

Nobody looking at her could guess that she wasn’t a rich society lady, but a middle class nobody, intent on theft.

Smiling at her clever act, she looked about.

All the information she had been given had been correct.

She crossed the room to the safe. Flexing her fingers, she quickly maneuvered the dials, till the heavy safe door swung open.

There. The bundle of envelopes she had been searching for.

She quickly spread the envelopes on the floor and with deft movements removed the love letters from inside and replaced them with papers she had brought.

The whole process took only five minutes. Feeling proud of herself, she quickly replaced the envelopes back in the safe, exactly as they had been.

She quickly shut the safe and turned to leave.

‘Going somewhere?’

She turned around, her heart in her throat.

For there, standing at the door was her ex-husband.


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Photo by Martin Adams

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