Rhea shouted, “I told Ma not to send him with us.”

“But you are his sister. You need to take care of his needs,” said Nick.

“I am his sister, not his babysitter,” Rhea shouted again with immense annoyance.

Rhea could not accept the sharing of her parents love with anyone else and since Luv was born which was six years back, her parents could hardly notice her presence in the house. The undivided attention which she owned had now been divided – and not in a fifty-fifty but in an eighty-twenty. They only spoke to Rhea when they would be asking her to help Luv with something and this was the reason of her annoyance.

When Rhea and her friends decided to go for hiking, her mother ordered, “Take Luv with you and take good care of him.”

Rhea made many excuses to get rid of him like telling how hard it could be for a six year old to go for hiking or how they all were much older than Luv and would not enjoy his presence amidst them but her mother was adamant, “Everyone loves children and I don’t want to argue about anything else. You are his sister you will do the needful if he has any problem.”

So she had to take him. But problem was inevitable – not his but theirs. While they were enjoying themselves in the classic winter afternoon on top of the mini hill, suddenly John exclaimed in horror, “where’s Luv?”

At that point everyone noticed that Luv is missing and Rhea shouted out. While Rhea was revealing her annoyance everyone suddenly noticed that the large bush which was at a difference of five yards from them was rustling slightly. It occurred to them that the hill was inhabited by lots of jackals but those jackals hardly were elements of disturbance to in that part of the jungle because that part was not as dense as the rest of the hilly forest and people used to go their often because of this reason. But what if those jackals give them a surprise visit? 

Rhea felt nervous. What if those jackals had taken Luv for their entertainment? Rhea felt like crying now. The cute face of Luv flashed in front of her eyes. His innocent smile and his shrill voice when he called out to her began to haunt her. She couldn’t lose her little brother. What would she answer to her parents if she lost him?

Everyone stood still with fixed eyes on the mysterious bush which was rustling without any wind blowing.

When nothing was happening for another minute, Rhea gathered her courage and went near the bush. Standing at a considerably safe distance she peeped to see what was happening.

“What are you doing here?” exclaimed Rhea with a relief in her tone. It was Luv behind the bushes. Rhea felt as if her paused heartbeat resumed once again.

 Leaving every one amazed with such an incident, Luv answered.



Photo By: Anni Spratt

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