‘You wanted proof, here it is,’ Susan declared, as she pointed to a man standing behind her. 

Detective Sloane sighed. Really, he understood all about loyalty and a child never believing that their parent could commit a crime. But this was an open-and-shut case.

‘Mrs. Summers,’ exasperated he stood and stated, ‘your mother Mrs. Drummond, pointed her gun, at your father and pulled the trigger. It’s a miracle he is not dead. She’s being charged with attempted murder.’  

Susan’s eyes watered but she refused to be intimidated by this hateful detective who thought her sweet mother could shoot anyone.

‘Just listen to Dr. Richards,’ she pleaded and introduced them.

‘Detective Sloane, it is not who fired the shot but who paid for the bullet…’

‘Her gun, her bullets,’ muttered the Detective.

‘…in this case,’ continued Dr. Richards as if he had not been interrupted, ‘Mrs. Drummond is submissive in nature and easily impressionable. After she shot her husband…’

‘Ah-ha! So, you agree, she shot her husband,’ stated the elated Detective.

‘…she had a severe panic attack and was rushed to the emergency. It was during this time that a psych evaluation was ordered and during this evaluation and subsequent ones, I realized that she is being manipulated by her friend.’

‘Really, that’s your defense?’

‘Yes, we are filing for diminished capacity. But what is important for you to understand is that now Mrs. Drummond and her husband are in danger from this friend of hers.’

‘Which friend?’

‘Rose Walter. In layman terms, she is a borderline sociopath and has taken a fancy to Mrs. Drummond. She doesn’t want anything or anyone to come in between them, including Mr. Drummond.’

‘A doctor and a detective?’ sniggered Sloane.

‘A psychiatrist and lucky,’ answered Dr. Richards, ‘Ms. Walter came to visit Mrs. Drummond and my conversation with her raised some red flags. Susan had already been vehemently arguing against her mother doing something like this. The thing is that Rose had probably misconstrued an overture of friendship by Mrs. Drummond as a display of affection towards her. She latched on to that. Since then, for the past two years, she has been relentlessly poisoning Mrs. Drummond, both literally and figuratively. The minute doses of poison caused her health to deteriorate slowly and Rose convinced Mrs. Drummond that it was her husband trying to get rid of her.’

‘Very convenient for Ms. Walter, isn’t it?’

‘Yes, but being unlucky is not a crime. Of course, it didn’t help that Mrs. Drummond suffers from Dependent Personality Disorder and Rose recognized it instantly. That’s why it’s a complicated case, and Mrs. Drummond is not to be blamed alone for this. But even more important than all this Detective Sloane is that since Rose didn’t get what she wanted, she will want vengeance. The Drummonds are in danger. That’s a guarantee.’

‘What a fuckin’ mess!’ muttered Detective Sloane as he plonked his head on the table.

So much for his open and shut case. 

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