An anonymous person, while having chai, read one of the headlines of Deccan Herald.

“A 32-years old woman reported missing earlier this week was found dead in the Canal of Kengeri. The cause of death is unknown”.



“Hello.., Inspector Dharmraj?”, wished Bhimsena, the General Manager, Art-Of-Breathing.

“Hello, Mr.Bhimsena.You still remember my name!”

“Of course. You are very popular in Bengaluru. Moreover, you were also a one among those who have recently attended the meditation training classes here. But Mr.Dharmraj, why did you discontinue your course?”

“I was quite busy. Actually, I have come here to investigate Malini’s death. Please cooperate.”


“Dr.Malini had been working as a Meditation trainer for past 13 years. She was fond of Meditation and Yoga. Her passion led her to do research on Third-Eye-Chakra. After dedicating herself for 12 years, she completed her research successfully. She was also awarded Doctorate for her research.”

“What is Third-Eye?”

“Third-Eye is also called as Mind’s Eye. Though science says the third eye is the pineal gland, which resides in the brain and is only responsible to regulate human’s circadian rhythms, Dr.Malini strongly believed humans can open this eye and foretell their future.”

“Our Management board has recently conducted the achiever’s ceremony in order to take authentic pride in Dr.Malini’s achievements. We are so unfortunate that we have now lost a talented person”.

“Well! Do you suspect anyone?”

“A few weeks back, she just informed us that one of the trainees tried to molest her. She hit his head with a bottle and escaped. We thought of filing a police complaint but she refused. She didn’t even reveal his name. But I am pretty sure the trainee was in the same batch you joined”.

“I see”.

“Mr.Bhimsena, she was offered the President post of this organisation, right?”


“I also heard you opposed it publicly?”

“Yes, I did. I was frustrated when the senior-most professional like me didn’t get that offer. Thereafter, I realized that she deserves it.”

“By the way, Felicidades, Mr.Bhimsena!”

“But…why?”, Bhimsena asked anxiously.

“You are going to be the president of the organisation”, grinned Dharmraj.



“Sir, please have a seat”, Nakul welcomed Dharmraj.

“Was Malini personally happy with you?”, enquired Dharmraj.

“We had a mutual understanding. She was always busy with her research after coming from her office. She used to explore different places like the Himalayas, Nepal for her research. I wholeheartedly supported her as much as possible.”

“Do you have children?”


“Any fertility-related problems among you?”


“You both didn’t like children?”

“We both loved children a lot. But, she didn’t want to have sex with me”

“Was she interested in another man?”

“I don’t know”, yelled Nakul.

“Sorry, inspector”, Nakul added sotto voce

“I suspect Sahadevi, Malini’s friend, a drug-addicted and a money-minded-psycho. She didn’t let us live peacefully. When Malini received a cash prize of 50 lakh for her research, Sahadevi used to disturb Malini by calling her continuously. I still don’t have any idea how Malini spent that money”,

As Dharmraj noticed a woman standing on the first floor of Nakul’s house, he asked, “Who is that woman inside?”

“She is my colleague. If she was not here, I would have committed suicide after Malini’s death”, Nakul cried.



“Hi, I am Inspector Dharmraj, investigating Malini’s case.”

“Please come inside”, said Sahadevi

“You are Malini’s best friend, right?’

“Yes, sir. We have been friends for 5 years”

“How did you meet Malini?”

“Actually, I was a drug addict. I joined the Meditation-classes of Malini. I am alive now because of Malini’s support. I miss her a lot. ”

“When did you meet her recently”.

“Last week She invited me for some award function held at the Meditation-Center.”

“Do you suspect anyone in Malini’s death?”

Sahadevi cried, “She wasn’t happy at all. Malini’s husband hated her. He tortured her to give him the divorce because of his extramarital affair”.

“I suspect Nakul”, she added.

As Dharmraj noticed a passport and some air ticket that kept on the table, he asked: “Will you travel somewhere?”

“Yes, I have got a new job in Dubai.”

“But you can’t go anywhere until we close this case.”

“Sir, But…”

“Sorry, you should cancel your trip. Please cooperate.”

As she nodded her head, Dharmraj grinned, “By the way, your diamond ring is beautiful.”



Dharmraj was discussing the Malini’s case with the head-constable, Madhav.

A constable interrupted, “Sir, we have received a letter”

“Does it have the From-address?”, queried Madhav.

“No, sir”

“Nowadays, we are receiving many spam letters”, said Madhav.

“Check it once before throwing it out,” instructed Dharmraj.

Madhav started reading it loudly, “Dear Inspector, I am Malini w/o Nakul.

I feel proud of myself after I successfully completed my research on the most complex subject, Third-Eye. As a result, I succeeded in opening my Third-Eye. This super-natural power now let me foretell how my future will be. By birth, I have been a female with masculine emotions. This abnormality will lead to something that would disgust my relatives and friends. I am going to commit suicide because…”

Madhav read the rest sotto voce.

“Is the reason for her suicide mentioned?”

“Sir, the letter says she will undergo a sex-reassignment-surgery and become a Trans-man named as Arjun. And…”


“She didn’t want to be alive to see herself identified as the pregnant man of the world in the near future”, stated Madhav.


Cover photo credit goes to Keerthana.


Panchali: A Sanskrit word, “a doll”.

Mandala: A Sanskrit word, “a circular figure representing the universe”


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Picture by Keerthana

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