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Rainbow in Spring

Once upon a time, the farms of Whispering Willows flourished under Gatson, who lived there along with his wife and six daughters. Lovingly the couple had named their daughters after each colour of the rainbow.

Unfortunately, with the birth of Red, his wife passed away. Grief-stricken Gatson gradually sold off his farms yet they were saddled with debts. To add to the misery one day, surprising everyone Gatson married Janette. She was half his age and renowned for her wicked nature. 

All hell broke loose when Janette became pregnant. Their financial condition worsened.

“Let your girls be under the supervision of their uncle. I’ll ask Lucier to leave them at his place.”

Like a puppet, Gatson nodded to every word of hers.

“Lucier, tomorrow morning,…”Janette whispered gesturing at him.


The stridulating crickets, the distant growls, the rustling leaves, scared them. 

” Will you… kill us?” Violet stammered.

“We promise, we won’t return. Spare us our lives!” Pleaded Red.

Red’s innocent eyes strung the weakest chord in Lucier’s heart. 

Since then the sisters made the forest their abode. They played with fireflies, learnt the language of the birds, satiated their hunger with the delicious produce, and danced to the melody of the breeze.

Though their heart often whined for Gatson yet they compromised.


Though Gatson possessed everything yet he was lonely.

And one day…

“Let’s call the girls back! We’re well-off. They’ll be elated to see their brother.” 

“Are you nuts? Forget them.” Retorted Janette.

That night, seeing his master in remorse Lucier confided the truth.

Enraged, early morning, Gatson galloped away into the Oakland forest and reached the treehouse. But the union couldn’t escape Janette’s evil eyes.

“I warned you!” She snapped from her hideout.

“But, they’re my children.” Gatson blurted.

“I don’t want to return to the poverty days. They’re a curse to my family. They’ll stay here.” She scoffed.

“Your fa..m..ily?” Gawking, Gatson snarled.

 Before anyone could realise Janette wafted some blue dust onto the air. Within moments the damsels reduced to seven blooms each exhibiting their colour.

“It’s either me or them.” Returning to her unicorn Janette faded away. 

Perplexed, Gatson shuddered.


 Seasons passed, Janette died, Gatson too on death bed.

One day, while reading the Bible, Gatson’s son stumbled upon an old picture.

“They’re your sisters who…” with remorse, Gatson narrated the past.

“I’ll bring them back, Father! They’re my family. Mother endowed me some special powers.” 

His assuring words lightened Gatson’s gloomy heart.


Recollecting Lucier’s directions, he soon reached the treehouse. 

The colourful blossoms were pretty high and the garden emitted an intoxicating fragrance.

Without delay, he sprinkled the magic dust onto the blushes. Within moments seven graceful dames stood in front of him.


“Father!” Clamouring, the darlings embraced their ailing father.

“Forgive me and… forget… the past. He’s your brother, your family. Love him and always be together.” 


The Spring sun shined brightly on the Whispering Willows. The RAINBOW sisters together with their saviour brother looked up for their parent’s blessings.


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Sonali Ray
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