What! Where? Morning already? When did I get into the bathroom? Oh yes, I did want to pee…  

Mmmm? Why is she shouting again? Why can’t I doze in the bathroom? Five more minutes please…

Aah I HATE school… I want to sleep… “Is today Monday?”  Please, I DON’T WANT TO GO

Not Monday? Its Friday?? So tomorrow will be… Wait I’ll use my fingers to count Monday… Tyoosday… Wendsday… Thursday… Friday….

Saturday!! Dad promised to take us to the beach… Did Mom pack my swimwear and my underwater goggles and my beach ball? She better not forget all this tomorrow

“Mom where’s my swimming trunk?” Bag? Did I pack my bag?

Yes… I should keep my bag ready or she’ll forget everything tomorrow… I better collect all my beach toys too… Hey where is my small bucket? “Mom! Where is my toy bucket?”

Oh… School bag! Where did I leave that? Oh, I don’t want to go… I’m soo sleepy…

Cereal again?! I don’t like this at all… Let me just gulp it down… Ugh I feel pukey… Hey if I look in the spoon my face is upside down! It’s so funny “Mom look! I’m upside down!! Hahaha!”

Ok, Ok! I’ll finish fast… gulp, gulp, gulp…

“Mom don’t forget to pack my beach bag!”

Yes yes… Have to go… Oh, I forgot my shoes… wrong foot… On finally… Yess!! I did it on my own!

“Mom see I got my shoes right way on!”

Yes yes… I’m on my way… “Bye!!”


Ah these steps are so huge… “Good morning Uncle!” I think he had a haircut… He’s looking fatter today… I’ll ask Ayush… There he is saving me a seat… My best friend. “Ayush, you saw Uncle’s hair? He looks fat! Hehehe!”

Homework? “Yes, I did it…”

Tiffin? “Don’t know…” You can have it… I’ll tell mom I finished it… “Don’t tell Mom about my tiffin OK? Promise me!”

“You know, my Dad is taking me to the beach tomorrow… Yes, I’ll take you with me…”

I have to tell Dad Ayush wants to come too “Will you get your remote-controlled motor boat?”

Yess! This will be so much fun! “Ayush, will they have that Doraemon gadget of walk-on-water shoes at our Kiddie Toy store??” Hmm… I should ask Mom to check in that shop… Quick we should be first to get down from the bus!


Aahh! Last in line for morning assembly. Teacher will come to check our nails again… May be if I chew them quick… Oh no, she is watching me… Quick wipe shoes onto the socks… Thank God! She did not scold me… I have to remind Mom to cut my nails… The beach sand will get stuck in it…

We’ll dig a nice pit in the sand with my rake… I’ll get sea water in my bucket and pour in the pit like they showed on YouTube… We’ll need that plastic… have to tell Dad… Then we’ll sail the motorboat, wrroooom!

Homework?? Yes, yes. Here is my English homework… My number-work? Where is my number book? Oh no, Mom did not pack it!

“Teacher, my mother forgot to put my numbers homework in the bag.”

FIFTY TIMES?! Oh no… I’m never going to finish this. Why didn’t I pack the book…? I’ll tell mom to do half of it… It’s her mistake… Wonder what’s in the tiffin-box… There’s still time for the recess… I’ll ask for some water… I’m so thirsty…

Oh goody! Story telling today… I’ll tell my favourite one… Have to wait for my turn… I should tell Ayush to carry his float too… I wonder if Dad will allow me to swim… Oh, I have to use the bathroom… I have to go now!

My turn! “Good morning everybody. My name is Akaash. I am going to tell you a story of a boy who cried…  WOLF! Once there was a boy named Peter. He was a sheepherd… He took mountain… No! He took sheep, on mountain. He called WOLF! WOLF! All villagers came running but he laughed HAHAHA! No Wolf! No wolf! Villagers got angry. Again, tomorrow he went to mountain and called Wolf! Wolf! Again, villagers came. Again, he laughed No wolf! Tomorrow the wolf really came. But no villagers came. And wolf ate all the sheep but not Peter, as he ran off and climbed a tree! Moral of the story…” What was it? Oh, I have to ask mom again…

Teacher is smiling. I think she liked my story. Will she let us play now? I have to beat Ayush at high jump today… Recess! Wonder what’s in the tiffin-box… Oh I should tell Mom to pack the chips for tomorrow… Ugh! Chapati again… Why can’t I have chips just once? I don’t want this… I’ll ask Ayush… He’s playing too… I’ll tell mom he was playing too. “I’m going to beat you today Ayush!” Jump higher! And higher! Whoooa

This hurts! Oh, pain, pain! Mom!! My hand! Oh, I’m bleeding?! “Teacher I fell down. See blood.” I don’t want the nurse! Oh, this is going to burn… I’ll close my eyes… Aaarghh it’s burning its burning… Dad won’t take me swimming now… Silly Ayush! Stupid game! I’ll put my head down on desk and sleep for a while… oh my hand is paining. I want Mom… I’m sleepy…

“Uncle help me!” I can’t climb the bus… Leg is paining too… Oh, Mom is going to scold me… What if they cancel the beach tomorrow…? I’ll hide my hand… Put it in the pocket as I enter home… I’ll have to change my clothes myself… I don’t want them to cancel tomorrow’s beach trip… I should finish all my homework today… and eat fast too… Then mom will be happy.

There she is… quick hand in the pocket… How was school? “I don’t remember. Did you pack my underwater goggles?”

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