The pinkish-blue horizon adorned with the gentle misty wind blowing across the garden full of blossomed Lenton Rose and Blooming Camellia had made the Christmas morning blissful. Dr. Rangnathan Iyer had received a break from the nitty-gritty of space research at the Nasa Center in Maryland. He liked the serene ambience with his soulmate Savitri and lovely daughter Lavanya sitting on the porch surrounded by Marigolds on both sides. Lavanya, at her usual best, was engrossed in sharing experiences back home. 

After successful completion of DNB in Internal Medicine from JIPMER, Pondicherry she got employed with the University of Maryland for post-doctoral research. Tomorrow is her thirty-fifth birthday. After a long time, she'd be celebrating it with her parents. 

Okay, okay! Pause for a moment, please. I’m asking where you wish to visit this time?” asked Dr. Iyer. 

Papa, won’t it be better if we visit ‘cave of Monkey-God’ in Moskitia, a South-American city in the Republic of Honduras?" She requested. 

"Monkey-God! I haven't heard of monkey God except Hanumanji!" He said. 

"It’s said that Hanumanji had once gone there to get Lord Rama and Lord Laxman freed from Demon King Ahiravana!” Lavanya hinted by bringing reference to the folklore. 

“Savitri, have you heard or gone through any such story in Kamba Ramayana?

“No…No, I've never heard it! If it is true, then it must be a legend!”

Dr. Iyer, a staunch believer in epic stories, immediately okayed the plan.

The next day, they reached the city of Moskitia and enquired of the cave of ‘Monkey-God’. They learnt that it existed inside the rainforest where tour operators avoided taking trips. Iyers were also informed about the bizarre stories and inputs that in the past several tourists didn’t return after their adventurous trip. Undeterred, they decided to move further.      

The forest had a sporadic presence of tribes. They went deep into the forest and wandered a lot before finding a dilapidated resthouse. The dusk was about to set in. After refreshment, Dr. Iyer and Lavanya came out from the room and did a local recce of the place. 

“There are folk stories in which it’s said that one God similar to a monkey ascended from somewhere and got his revered king and his younger brother released from the clutch of Demon,” one of the seniors said.

The other said, “It’s also heard that some weird creatures usually visit here at night to guard its territory.”   

They returned to the resthouse. It was around ten. One night-guard came knocking on the doorstep and whizzed away by stating, “Please go inside the resthouse! Area is not safe!”

He, however, added by alerting that “Don’t try to be over-smart as doing so may cost you!

Lavanya sensed something amiss and attempted to camouflage the guard. She took a tot, kept a few essentials and started treading the opportune moment.

Dr. Iyer also decided to be vigilant tonight without revealing much to Savitri. Discreetly, he managed to take a safety-kit and first-aid box. Suddenly it seemed something untoward had happened nearby which triggered pandemonium amongst the animals.

To face the challenges ahead, she ventured out, unmindful of parents' strategy. She was about to reach the cave when an ape-like creature moved towards her. Dr. Iyer was just behind. Before he could reach there, a retaliation struck them grounded. 


(Iyers were abducted by Kapi Matsyavallabh of Kingdom Patalicia, a place pre-destined for only divinity and research under the Monarchy of Guru Swetmegha. The place where Lavanya reached and faced attack was the highest point in Patalicia.)  

 “Guruji!, today I’m with a prized catch!'' The triumphant Kapi informed his Guru.

Kapi, a descendant of Hanumanji’s son Makaradhwaj had devoted himself in Mahaprayog for reviving the glory of humanity and their harmonious coexistence with the biosphere under the aegis of Guru Swetmegha who was also descendant of King Neelmegha of Patalicia. The kingdom housed several laboratories. To abide by the principles set by forefathers, each newborn had to pass through Amoghshala to alleviate the emotional prowess, considered to be detrimental in goal achievement in Patalicia.

Unfazed with his chest-thumping, he directed Kapi to keep them at designated places and get himself engaged in Mahaprayog.

“Guruji, they are infiltrators. They must be prosecuted for their misadventure." He mustered courage to draw his attention.

“Kapi dedicate yourself to the task-in-hand and let the judges decide their fate. The guilty needs to be handled sternly. First they ruined the fertile land and now they’ve been trying to snatch the forests meant for indigenous! It'd be catastrophic, if not stopped!” riposted Guruji.

They were taken to the earmarked places and alerted that the highly-energised electromagnetic defence mechanism is there which gets auto-activated if any negative forces are found in mischievous activities.  

Only the privileged were allowed to roam around Patalicia. The outsiders had to undergo confession drive followed by Purification, Corporal and Capital punishment as the case may be. The capital punishment was least preferred but the kingdom took pride in awarding such punishment on notion that accused of heinous crimes should not be let free to repeat the previous one! 

The eminent priests were directed to judge and preside over the occasion.

All three humans were brought before priests in the august presence of Guruji. First was Dr. Iyer’s turn, followed by Lavanya and Savitri.

“Introduce yourself and describe your contribution to humanity. You’ve also to state as to why you shouldn't be held culpable and be given punishment,” asked one of the priests.

“Guruji, I’m Dr. Rangnathan Iyer. I've dedicated my entire life to space research which will create new opportunities for us. Since I’m a devout disciple of humanity and trying my best to evolve ourselves in a better way, any type of punishment will be a great setback not only to me but to mankind,” answered Dr. Iyer.

“Guruji, this is Lavanya. I'm a Doctor currently engaged in research on the Emotional-quotient which on finality may eradicate the hatredness, sinful thinking, greed, etc. The person having inadequate EQ may be induced with the drug which will enhance morality and finally will become helpful tools in sustenance of life on planet Earth. If I’d be given punishment, who will take care of my left-out research currently in a proliferative stage and soon to be boon for mankind” replied Lavanya.

“I’m Savitri Iyer and have vowed my entire life to my home, taking care of all the needs of my scientist husband and only daughter in their endeavor to contribute to the society and humanity at large. If I'd gone through punishment, then I may not survive for even one day after suffering humility in presence of my daughter and revered priests. And after that who’ll take care of those who are destined to devote their prime in the development of resources and nourish mankind with their resolve,” responded Mrs. Iyer.

The priests huddled to draw a conclusion. They decided that the couple be sent back to their place on Earth and Lavanya be allowed access to the Prayogshala under supervision of Kapi.

Guruji was requested to give the final sermon.

“Of late, it's seen that mother Earth has become home to eccentric people resorting to demonic practices and seldom anyone works to save humanity. If left unchecked, it'll ultimately halt the progress of civilization”

Guruji, they’re blot on mankind. They should be given one last opportunity to mend their ways before we use Amoghastra.”

"The experiment and research on any front, be it Armament or the other, should be done constructively keeping in mind its positive aspects only," he said without paying heed to the suggestion.. 

Response not in resonance, he left the venue in a huff and reached Prayogshala’with Lavanya.


The Prayogshala had all the essential stuff lying at one side and texts, scriptures the other. She went through the reference books and subsequently asked to get abreast of the Vedic Rituals. 

First day, though, full of activities went off well as she along with her parents was let off unharmed, instead Lavanya received an opportunity to continue her ongoing research. However, unfortunate incidents had a profound impact and completely devastated her. 

While passing through the vast landscape of Patalicia, she witnessed well-lit places with a bush of lustrous sheaths, Karmyogis completely engrossed in their experiments. It was like a research and development laboratory where scientists conglomerate to get into Astrophysics, Vedic Scriptures and Divine Weaponry. Nobody except highly calibrated people of Patalicia were allowed to roam around freely. 

For all the activities, the incumbents had to report and take commands from Kapi.

The next morning, after all the routine chores they were provided necessary equipment as per their expertise. Kapi took his magical Astra and asked Lavanya to accompany him.


After gruelling ten days into basic learning of holy books and artifacts, Kapi sought to know the progress made so far. Lavanya briefed him and explained all the queries confidently but without any appreciation, he moved away. It was unusual for the revered yogi who follows vedic philosophy to be indifferent.

Visibly distraught, she couldn't understand why the people of Patalicia were so strict in their resolve that they don’t have the basic courtesy to appreciate the things done in a favourable manner. Though Lavanya had enough such interactions but had no inkling of such deficiency in Patalicia. 

Since time immemorial, subjects of Patalicia were taught to be restrictive to one’s duty only and not to get involved in worldly affairs. Gradually it came to fore that Guru Swetmegha had given instructions to his disciples to take guard against any infiltration into their territory which starts from the tiny-aperture near the cave where a statue of ‘Monkey-God’ has been put up in the forest of Moskitia, Honduras. 


A fortnight later, Kapi examined her again. By this time she had learned all the Vedic concepts and therefore sought his help in her research on human emotion. He agreed to help in her endeavour to achieve the desired goal.

With the divine power in her stride, within a few weeks  Lavanya achieved success and developed a drug that would give the everlasting impact on one's psychological well-being. However she couldn’t do the trial. In the meantime, Kapi once again came for supervision. She explained every bit of her experiments and gladly unfolded the invention of Wonder-Drug, a gland stimulant which helps in synchronizing overall activities of the body. It took time. Suddenly his voice turned hoarse. Kapi sought little water to quench the thirst amidst sudden spurt of hiccups. She rushed inside to search for water but to no avail. Eventually Lavanya found syrup mixed with Wonder-drug which she had preserved. Finding no alternative, she gave the syrup to quench his thirst. The syrup gave him immediate relief. Relieved, he stayed for a while and left.

Few days later, Kapi came to her laboratory and enquired of her next endeavour. This time, he threw queries and keened to know much about the research so far. First time ever, he showed some humane approach. It was a hilarious experience. The drug on which Lavanya had spent nights after nights exploring formulae, has finally shown results. 

He happily shared the facts that he has now been able to concentrate more on his research than previously used to. Kapi accepted that to maneuver the things in the right earnest, one should not become taskmaster in authoritarian manners rather should take humane approach by giving due recognition to the emotion, love  and affection. Had we adopted the same, we could have achieved our objectives long back.  

He sought a meeting with Guruji to unfold the story but Guruji declined. For Guruji, any engagement in worldly-affairs was uncalled for.  

They finally decided to mix the Wonder-drug in his drink in order to bring out positive changes in the society. The same day, it was done. The anticipated drug had brought out significant changes in Guruji's manner. 

Next day they again reached there. This time, his attitude was different. Once stubborn now had become considerate. The drug had brought emotion in Guruji. 

“Guruji, we take pride without introspection. What we should do is to hear out the advice patiently so as to explore the right things in others,” visibly anguished Kapi expressed. Guruji understood his contention. 

Finding resonance, Kapi and Lavanya unfolded the story about the Wonder-Drug to the Guruji. He praised the team and ordered the drug to be administered to all the inhabitants who had so far been deficient of these wonderful traits.

Within a few days, all the residents of the divine world Patalicia got administered with Wonder-Drug. Now it was the right time to design a truce between the people of Honduras and Patalicia. It was due to the discovery of the Wonder-Drug only that desired change in the behavioural pattern of people on Earth had achieved and the crime got restricted with the help of disciplines inculcated through the perfect blend of divinity and spirituality around. 

With the divine blessings of Swetmegha & Kapi, Lavanya achieved a great height and became the leading-light of the contemporary world.   



Amoghshala: The place where divine ritual takes place in Patalicia. 

Mahaprayog          : An experiment.

Amoghastra: A weapon which was being developed in Patalicia by research Yogis and capable of killing the evils in one attempt.

Karmyogis            : Ascetic research scientist.

Swetmagha & Kapi Matsyavallabha: It's a fictional character, though the name of the related person is correct. 

Picture Credit: Fabio Fistarol vide Unsplash

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