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Ira’s eyes did a quick survey of the place as she was seeking Amit. He had called her in the morning “Could we meet in the evening at Indigo?” he asked in a calm voice.”Oh sure,

I’ll be there at 6”.

On a June morning, the light drizzle welcomed the adorable. Angelic baby girl into the Dixit Family. Menorah Dixit lovingly looked at his daughter, as the nurse carefully placed the bundle of joy next to his wife,Seema.

“Ira, look at the welcome given to you my Mother Earth.”Manohar held his little daughter in his arms and had a conversation with her. The baby responded by not crying.

Ira was the apple of her father’s eye. Her chirpy presence brought alive the Dixit home. She brought glory to the family with her academic excellence and a bagful of extracurricular achievements.

Ira’s childhood was brimming with stories, poetry and all forms of literature. Her parents, who were avid readers, filled the child’s existence with fairy tales, mythological stories, and literary classics in both English and Marathi languages.

“Oh, what does the child understand? You are simply wasting your time reading out to her”, Mrs Verma, their neighbour smirked. But Ira’s early milestones proved them wrong.

One day, on her way back from schoolgirl heard a sound near the park gate. As she drew closer, she saw a little puppy whining. Someone had probably abandoned the puppy and it was hungry.Ira picked up the puppy and took it home.

“Mamma, please give him some milk”. Seema took the puppy and cleaned him with a soft towel. She then gave him some milk in a bowl, the puppy hungrily lapped up all of it.

“Papa, May I keep him in our house, he doesn’t have a home?””Yes Ira, but you must take care of him”. Sam became a part of the Dixit Family.

“I will be going for Arts”, Ira beamed as her classmates excitedly chattered away on the day of Board results.

She joined St Xavier’s College in the Arts faculty. The college provided the perfect ambience for Ira’s literary aspirations and creativity.

“The Drama group is meeting at 5 in the auditorium, Ira are you coming?” Amit asked her.”Yes Amit, I called up home to say that I will be late”. Amit was Ira’s classmate. They got along like house on fire from day one.

The group was putting up an act from The merchant of Venice for an event at the college.

Soon after their friendship grew along with success of the Drama group.

“Congratulations Ira”, said Ajay, Amit’s elder brother. They were celebrating Ira’s success at the Inter collegiate drama competition.Ira won the Best script and Best Director Awards.Ira’s parents looked with pride at their loving daughter. Ajay’s wife Ritu, hugged Ira. Their little daughter Ananya held Ira’s hand.Ira gave her a light kiss on her forehead.

Ira and Amit’s families had given consent to their marriage. They had a small engagement ceremony. The marriage would take place after a year.

“Uncle, Amit’s brother and sister in law have met with a serious accident “. It was Amit’s close friend Siddhant calling.Manohar quickly broke the news to his wife and daughter. They rushed to the hospital.Amit was totally shaken.

Ajay and Ritu were returning from a relative’s place when their car collided with a truck coming in the wrong direction. They were declared dead on arrival.

Ira was shocked but,”Where is Ananya, how is she….” Ananya was at home accompanied by Ritu’s sister. Ira hugged Amit and softly said, “I am going to home to be with Ananya “.

As she walked in, Ira saw Ananya sitting quietly on the chair. She walked towards her and took her little hands and smiled at Ananya. The girl tightly hugged Ira.

Some days later….

“Ira, we have an important decision to be made. Ananya is now my responsibility.”

Ira had already spiky to her father about this situation.

“Sometimes there is no happy choice, only one less grievious than the other”, said Ira’s father in a kind voice.

“ Amit, Ananya is our daughter”


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