“Hey look there it is!” said Sa.

Re, Ga, Ma followed Sa and kept calling the rest of the team consisting of Pa, Dha, and Ni to follow the trek, carrying haystacks with them.

They were all covered in mud and tired with the trek. The rose bush and the creek was not an easy trail but they had no option. After all, day trek was not their thing. ‘Sa’ the most adventurous of the lot, was leading and moved very carefully. 

Such beautiful roses in this dusty barren land were like a ray of hope to them. They reached an abandoned house. Dilapidated house with rose bushes is where they would find their exit staircase back to their galaxy. 

‘Sa’ spotted a clue and she was sure where it could lead them to be. With her inquisitive thoughts and confidence, the group had no option but to follow her.

The house was in an outlandish condition. The roses were fresh and pink but the soil was dry and rough. The windows were creaky and broken but the house had magnetic and musical power.

They were all ‘Gone with the wind’ in the ‘fiesta’. It was the place to keep aside the ‘sense and the sensibility’ as they have to find the clue or have to die. They were in a ‘survival sandbox’.

‘Ga’ had been constantly reminding them, that the time was running out. They had to reach the Ursa Major’s gates before the dawn breaks. The great bear will close it.

“Yes, we need to go back there before humanity grabs us for a museum exhibit,” said Dha.

“I told you ‘Re’ not to jump at the sight of healing Earth. See we all landed up in this place called nothingness. Imagine the plight of angels when they would not find us in place tonight.” 

Oh, this is so scary, said ‘Ma’. How will people thank the stars today if we are not in place? How will the lost find directions if North is not for us?

‘Ni’ was cautiously walking and thinking, “I can’t touch the water, nor can I smell the roses, oh we the beautiful seven, the apple’s eye of the telescope and those looking for directions. We stand here clueless, we are lost.”

As soon as they reached the place they knew that this was the destined place for an asteroid to hit. This was their clue and this was their escape route too. 66 million years gone by, yet it seemed just like a day ago.

It’s time for our nirvana, the haystack is stocked up. Let’s begin the hay weave for ease of climb and let the Sa, Re, Ga, Ma, Pa, Dha, Ni travel the time together.

Don’t forget to look up at the stars and spot us among all. Yes, that’s what we are the Saptrishi or the Great bear as they call it, you now know what lies beneath it.


Photo By: Unsplash

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