“Good morning mom. I am ready for the party.” eight-year-old Armaan said beaming with joy as he waits for this day throughout the year. No, it’s not his birthday, but Christmas Eve. 

“Very good morning Armaan. Let me check if the sun has rose today from west instead of east.” his mother, Annie said while planting a kiss on his cheek. 

Armaan giggles and sat for his breakfast. His father and grandpa came back from their morning walk and joined him for breakfast.

They all engaged in conversation about their plans for tomorrow, the Christmas day, but Armaan’s interest was vested in the gift that Santa will put in his socks.

Suddenly, it came to his mind that in all his excitement he forgets to put his socks near the fireplace. He hurriedly went to his room for fetching his socks. After placing them near the fireplace, he felt relaxed and was of full hope that this time also Santa will bring for him the exact present he want.

“Mom, will Santa be able to come as its snowing heavily?”

“Yes, my dear.”

“But the fireplace is on, he might get hurt. Can we shut it down?”

Unable to give an answer for his query, she told him to go to his room and take rest as his maternal grandparents are coming in evening from Bristol. 

But he continued with his barrage of questions “How every year he gets to know what exactly I want? We shifted our house last year, so will he able to find our new address? Does he know the exact size of my feet?”

His grandpa laughed aloud upon hearing their conversation.

Their home was filled with an air of celebration. Everyone was in a jubilant mood. The guests came in evening and they all had a lovely time. After dance and lots of conversations everyone went to their rooms.

In all his excitement and apprehension, Armaan was unable to sleep. He looked at the clock and it was five past midnight. Suddenly, he heard some noise from the living room. Now unable to control his eagerness on getting his desired present from Santa. He stealthily went downstairs.

He stood at the end of the stairs and went in complete shock on seeing his grandpa packing a box of sneaker. And how even the color of sneakers is also his favorite. The reality bestowed on him that Santa is not real and it’s the near and dear ones of kids who gets the presents for them just like his grandpa did.

He came to know that throughout the years his family, teachers and everyone lied to him and every other kid about Santa. After feeling a sheer betrayal by his own parents and grandpa, he realised that not all lies are harmful and some of them helps in bringing the family and loved ones even closer. He went back to his room with a broad smile on his face. 


Photo By: Er Shine


This is an entry for #TheLie #Five00-8, a room8 writing event –in 500 words.
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