The powdery snow falls stealthily over the majestic pine trees
Camouflaging the green landscape with an opaque quilt
A sonorous ,silent lullaby it sings
“ Be happy and blithe ,for I will cover you till the fluorescent spring .”

The phosphorescent moon cast its resplendent silvery glow
The naughty sun plays hide and seek effortlessly
The sombre winter night promises bleak loneliness
The pristine white snow glistens in the bitter cold.

No longer can we hear the sweet chirping of birds
Melancholy oozes from the silvery night sky
The serene ,beautiful earth rejoices in its somnolence in the absolute artic zone
The snow clad trees stand cold and  white sending shivers down my spine .

Indoors a family enjoys steaming cups of hot cocoa
Grandma bakes the traditional taffy and hot gingerbread
Gathering cozily besides the quaint wood bearing fireplace
Joyful children play their favourite board games .

Warm kindness is the divine gift we share
For a Merry Christmas is in the air
Happiness is the season’s magical cheer
Embracing with it all near and dear .

Nature teaches us its precious unique lesson
Stay strong in all seasons of life
For after the biting ,bitter cold of Winter
Comes the always welcome ,delightful ,warm Spring !

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