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The Beautiful Ross

The early rays of sun slowly pulled the dark shade of the night up from my eyes as I lay there on my bed completely still. Awesome was the smell of the air as it was my day off. Life seemed to be totally different and brilliant. Mahima, Kaveri and myself were luckily for a day off together and we had planned to explore the Andaman Islands to the fullest. 

It’s seven, I ran to Mahima and Kaveri who were still log of wood. Waking them up before twelve, on day off, was near to impossible. So I poured jar of water till they all jumped off the bed chasing me like wild Boer. Awful was the scene, but I don’t want to miss my trip to Ross. 

‘You idiot, you spoiled all my romantic beach meet,’ yelled Mahima with a broomstick.

‘You creep, killer of my melodious orchestra,’ throwing stone pelts on to me. 

Defending myself, I said, ‘Shut up you kumbhkarnas, don’t you remember we planned for a trip to Ross today and boat leaves jetty by eight. Freshen up before it’s too late. I’ll not leave you all if you waste my day off sleeping.’

‘Can’t you tell this properly, before…’ wailed both of them beating their foot-steps hard on ground, they rushed to get ready.

Zooming our bikes we rushed to Marina jetty and right on the boat sailing to the island in front of our sight. Sunny was the day yet not a single ray could scorch our skin. Though small it is, the fauna is explicitly beautiful. Wandering through the island, seeing the boilers rusted, and the dilapidated tall church there whose walls are being covered with roots, the female hanging tower, all were stupendous. 

Amidst these we came across a group of tourists gathered together, we too joined. 

There was a typical lady, dressed in khadi with long dangling earrings and colorful wooden bangles typical of the local area. She was describing about the swimming pool and the large steam boilers which were rusted there. From there she took us to the back of the island where there are old dark bunkers and she described how Japanese attacked and killed the soldiers there. Moving from there she brought us back to the center from where we can see Ross at a glance; with deers so friendly.

 Amazeballs in hindi, she said, ‘Kahani to bahut inn boodhi aaknoon ne dekaha hai, Jhalak sabko hum dekhaye jate hai, imaan apna apna jo hame guide mante hai dus rupayaa thamaye jaye.’(Many stories these old eyes have witnessed, we show its glimpse to everybody, if your conscience considers me as a guide put ten rupees and go.) The weightage in her words were so much that escaping without paying ten rupees appeared insulting. Admiring her confidence and steadfastness in her old bones and no mark of tiredness on her wrinkled face the whole crowd laid a ten rupee before we adieu the Ross.


Photo By: Unsplash

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Varsha Madhulika
Varsha Madhulika
Varsha is a nurse by profession who is currently working from home.
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