Lost in my thoughts, I was waiting near the assembly hall of my school. The selection committee was headed by Sister Metelda for the play called, Arabian Nights. I was well poised, as who could be a better princess than me. By selecting me, they would get an athletic and a swot princess.

I was good on the stage, I did not miss a single a word from the script. Still, I was not selected. I was not her. A princess was supposed to be fair, delicate, alluring and more ladylike.

Withered by her comments for the first time in my life I felt that I was not pretty as per the world standards. I tried to expostulate her that I was not black, but brown. Only the truth was brown was not better than black.

In the words of Sister Metelda- “She not at all looks like a lady. Still, we could consider her as a narrator due to her sharp memory”.

The narrator was supposed to be the gatekeeper too.

To add insult to my injury, they dressed me like a horrible beast with a black mustache under my nose. The discomfort of mustache was not as painful as to eye Priyanka in that beautiful blue gown.

The annual day of our convent school was always a great ostentatious display of their religion, etiquette, and ascendancy over all other schools.

The play was started in front of a jam-packed audience with a small round of applause. It was going well until our chief guest arrived, yes he was late by one hour. Still, he had the audacity to stop our play in between and gave a small boring speech.

He was boasting about indiscrimination, equal opportunities and finally on planting trees to save the environment.

Nonchalant of his behavior he sat at his place with a sly smile. After which Sister Leena beckoned at our class teacher and our play started again. Play went well and we were busy in introducing yourself when all it happened.

Out of nowhere, she professed beside the chair of our esteemed chief guest. Startled and jaded, the poor little thing abruptly got the attention of everyone.

Our principal Sister Mary Theresa was about to call Ganesh jii when I made an expeditious jump from the stage. In a moment she was in resting in my arms with a coy look on her face. That puppy was filthy, thin and black. She never enthralled the eyes of all animal lovers presented there.

I washed her under the tap and dropped her in the impervious custody of her mother with her other siblings. Asked

“Who was she?”

My class teacher asked in a furious tone.

“The Dark Princess.”

Later, I was reprimanded and my behavior was questioned but I was contended and slacken.

I’ll wear my smile!

That’s my armor.

I’ll wear my dreams!

I am a charmer.

White, Black or Brown,

I’ll be a princess

All the while!

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