The Door

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The dream was back again. But, this time not in sleep.

Amalia, the youngest General manager of the company was attending an important meeting, when suddenly  a staunch smell of burning flesh started filling the air. Everything got blurred around her. And the door appeared. A six pointed star painted in yellow and black across it. Mechanically she opened the door to enter. Only to face another. A cold, metal door this time. Something was written on it in a language foreign to her. But, somehow she knew what it spelled. Before she could open it, hell broke loose. Heart wrenching shrieks pierced through her soul. Accompanied by an excruciating pain in her head. As if her brain would explode, ripping off every tiny cell of the body. A few minutes of agony and then the seizure stopped.

The meeting was adjourned for the day.

But the pain continued. Nothing could stop these occassional attacks.

– “The stress of work is taking a toll on your health. Why don’t you take leave till you are fit?” Suggested her superiors.

Her dreamlike career was under threat. There was no cure. Amalia was going crazy. It  was like meeting death everyday. She knew final solution was on the other side of the door. She had to find the door.


The  dimly lit room was calm and serene. Amalia, was lying on the couch, hypnotized. The therapist asked gently,

-“ You are in your past life. Can you see beyond the  door?”

– “Ja. Thousands of extraneous corpses.” replied a male voice.

– “Who are you?”

– “Ich bin Heinrich Himmler.” ( I am Heinrich Himmler)


P.S. Himmler was a highly effective Nazi administrator and a ruthless and adroit power seeker who was slavishly devoted to Hitler until the final weeks of the war. With his fanatical adherence to Nazi racist ideology, he is regarded as the prime architect of the Holocaust.

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