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 The First Kiss

Ankita, a 15 year old bespectacled brunette,  was exhausted of her school life and studies.Unlike other girls who would go for parties and have fun, she was always at home struggling with her books.Rebelling against her mother, she planned a hiking trip with her friends.

Next morning, determined to conquer her fears and the world, Ankita got up joyfully and met her friends at the scheduled meeting place.She was excited as this was her first trip to explore and meander between woods and meadows.

Amy, Tina, Max, Krish and Aria all squealed happily to see her.

“Thank God, your parents allowed you, sweetie!”,
declared her bestie Amy, hugging her tight.

“Ah, and here meet the new boy in town”, she exclaimed pointing to a lanky guy with shaggy eyebrows.He’s Sunny.”

Ankita gave a shy glance to the new member and he gave her a friendly hug.His touch brought an electric current into her body. She felt delicious tremors and was surprised as how her body was responding to Sunny’s touch.Maybe, because she had had no physical contact with a boy before, she thought!

Forests and woods seem to be separate universes of their own. As the whole gang proceeded, they could see soaring mountains in the azure blue of the sky.

Rambling along on the tough terrain, the whole group got separated.It was difficult walking through the dense forest undergrowth and Ankita used her machete to clear a pathway. Before her was Sunny, who was walking coolly as if he did this everyday of his life!

“Ouch”, exclaimed Ankita loudly.She had tripped over a large, ugly boulder. Stumbling down, she sat low, wondering if she had sprained her ankle.

“What happened  sweetheart?”, the deep throated voice of Sunny fell in her ears and Ankita felt his hands feeling her ankle.

“Relax, let me check”.Sunny’s fingers deftly opened her thick hiking shoes.Feeling the outer skin, he pressed her ankle. He seemed an expert at it.A sweet pain floated in her injured foot.Sweet, because his touch was producing all sorts of chemicals in her brain!

“There, you are all sorted out”, said the shaggy eyebrowed lad, after giving her ankle a twist to the left and right. Surprisingly, Ankita felt much better, the pain had gone altogether.

“No sprain,  you are lucky, dear. Next time, be more careful. Come along with me”, said Sunny and extended his hand to Ankita who moved along jauntily with him.

At night, the whole group rested and took out their food packs for a relaxed dinner.

Tina and Max hugged each other, lost in their own world. Amy, Krish and Aria sat together singing songs which created a merry atmosphere.

Ankita sat in a corner.

“Can I join you”?, Sunny voice interrupted her thoughts.

Both sat in a companionable silence as if they had known each other for years.

Sunny’s hands held hers and his lips locked hers in a sweet kiss.

Her first kiss.Ankita felt this moment would be etched in her memory forever.


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