Priya oh Priya, I am so excited today, you know why?

Off course I know, who knows you better than me my bestie.

I bet that Priya, but this time you don’t know it.

Oh Payal, now that was enough, you are testing my patience, can you just proceed with your surprise. Anyways I am sure your grand wedding plan is making you mad.

Ah! Now you are somewhere close buddy, it’s not my grand wedding which is making me mad, but it’s about my honeymoon plan to Paris which is making me mad.

OMG! It’s is the most romantic place in the world and let me tell you girl, you are dam lucky.


Finally the wedding day arrived, the whole surrounding seemed to be happy. Payal decked up in a red silk saree, heavily studded with gold ornaments.

Look at the grand decoration Payal, uncle must have worked really hard on it and spend lakhs of money. I envy you girl.

Look at yourself in the mirror, your beauty is complimenting the beauty of the grand venue.

Oh Priya, now stop flattering me, I am feeling nervous, as if something bad is going to happen.

Finally the fire crackers were heard notifying the arrival of the groom.

A tall handsome guy wearing dhoti and kurta arrived. Shubham arrived.

Look at him Payel, you both compliment each other.

The rituals continued and ended with the bidai.

Next morning, Payel’s phone rings.

Hi madam, I know you must be tired after your hard work last night. Is jiju around?

No, tell me Priya?

Now don’t pretend as if you don’t know what I am asking. You promised to share it all with me.

Yes I did Priya, but there is absolutely nothing to share.

You guys were not physical?

Shubham did not even touch me.

Oh! Now I understand why madam is so depressed. Oh Payel you need not worry, maybe he needs time, after all you guys have a romantic honeymoon pending and that also in Paris.

Sigh of relief! Oh how can I forget that, now I have a ray of hope.

A week later the couple traveled to Paris. Payel was feeling on top of the world.

I think we should take a long nap in this sweet and comfy room, what do you think Payel?

Oh Shubham don’t be so old fashioned, let’s go for a romantic date.

No, Payel I am tired of all the wedding rituals, I need some rest.

I think he wants a cozy bedroom date.

Okay, I agree Shubham, even I am tired.

The whole day and night passed, but nothing happened.

Back to Mumbai.

Now, I am really tensed. I can’t share it with Mom. I need to talk with Priya.


Hello heroin, now tell me what is up with you?

Nothing dear Priya,

How was your trip?

Absolutely boring.

What are you saying Payel? Still nothing happened or what?

Yes Priya, absolutely nothing, please help m get out of this trap.

Trap Payel?

Yes I don’t want to stay with a stranger, who doesn’t even talk with me.

Don’t worry Payel! Confront him! Spy him! Do your best to get his attention.

The next night, Payel interrogates Shubham.

Shubham don’t you love me?

Why are you asking this? Off course I do.

Then why are we not physical yet?

Oh that, I need some time dear.

Come on Shubham don’t hide, do you love someone else?

No Payel just give me some time.

Fine Shubham!

A month passed by..

Payel always found Shubham on the phone, she decided to spy him.

This is the right time, he has gone for a long bath, his phone is here on the bed, now I will know his truth.

Look I know your password. She quickly browsed through his mobile. What she found, swayed her feet from the ground.

What is this? This is a social networking site just for the gays. Why is Shubham into it?

Now I know the whole story.

Payel rushed to Shubham as he came out of the bathroom.

Shubham what is this? Can you please tell me? Now there is nothing to hide, you can share with me, if you are a gay.

Yes I am a gay Payel.

Then why did you marry me then and spoiled my life?

Listen Payel now since you know who I am, be quite. Don’t dare tell your friends and family. You can’t even dream, what I will do with you.

Payel was so scared that she did not speak a word after that day. She did not peak with anybodyl showing that she was immensely busy in her life.

I think Payel is very happy in her life now, so many days passed by and she did not even call me. She could have at least texted me. No, No, I think something is wrong with her. I should ask aunty.

Tring …

Hey aunty, it’s me Priya, did Payel call you?

No dear, but she just sends a good morning text to Uncle everyday, which completes our day.

Listen Payel, I am going to Delhi for a week, you be safe and secured here. Don’t dare escape

Okay Shubham.

Two days passed by, Payel finally gathered her courage and fled to her home town in Kolkata.

She directly went to the police station and filled a case of betrayal against Shubham and his family. Then she informed her parents and her friend Priya about the whole scene.

The police interrogated Shubham’s parents in Kolkata and then called for Shubham.

Mom and dad it all happened because of you, you both were scared of the society.

Why is not Shubham getting married? Your fear forced me to marry Payel and see the result is in front of you.

Payel I am sorry.

You spoiled my life, I really liked you, if you told me the truth, we would have been friends. Everything is fair in today’s world.


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