“ The amount is not negotiable ,” the lady declared vehemently. “ Take it or leave it.”

     I stared at her with puckered brows.  There was something rather repulsive about her. Perhaps, it was the absence of eyebrows . And yes, those three missing front teeth.  The rest of her teeth were a brownish yellow. I cast a quick look around, at the room and agreed to her terms. Four hours later, I was the official occupant of the attic room of the Lourdes Villa. 

     “And remember , no parties at night,” she told me . “The lights should be out by 10.” 

      I nodded.  She had perched herself on the armchair in the corner , while I was unpacking my bag.  It was only after I had put away the last of my clothes in the cupboard , that she rose. 

       “No hanky panky, I warn you,” she said threateningly.

        I gave her a curt nod. 

        She paused at the door and turned to give me a rather peculiar stare.  As she closed the door behind her, I noticed her fingers. She had no nails. 

       I quickly lay down and closed my eyes. Outside,  a half moon was edging its way up . Gradually, a rather sullen silence  descended over the villa. I got up, put on a jacket and went down. The door leading to the library was slightly ajar. I peeped in. She was sitting cross legged on the floor, swaying to the sound of a musical chant. I paused for a minute.  A familiar sensation ran through me – the kind which is aroused each time I hear music. I slowly moved towards her , and dug my talons into the vein just above her collar bone.  


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