The Lost Souls

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Sarah sat huddled in the corner.

Her mother had sent her to her room in anger.

It was the fourth day in a row, that Sarah had broken things around the house or something had disappeared.

Mrs. Ali was fuming.

It had been just two weeks since they had shifted in this house, and she had been busy trying to organise things.

It was Mr. Ali’s ancestral home and being the eldest in the family, he had inherited it on the passing away of his own father. Although the house was old, it was built solid. But her daughter had broken two windows and some of her new vases and kitchenware had disappeared. 

Mrs. Ali complained to her husband about Sarah’s behaviour.

‘Let her be! She’s just a little girl.’

His wife was still upset as Sarah was usually a quiet, shy six year old girl and she had never behaved this way.

Sarah heard her parents talking from where she sat, crying. She got up and looked in the mirror.

Her reflection was not hers.

‘I didn’t do anything!’

‘Don’t worry, they won’t understand.’ The voice came clearly.

‘Are you sure?’

‘Ofcourse. Don’t pay heed. You just have to listen to me!’

Sarah nodded and the face moved with her.



That night, Sarah lay in bed alone in her room.

‘Sarah! Sarah!’

She had been cowering under the sheets, but the voice was persistent. 

‘Let’s get to work!’

Sarah moved out of bed and down the stairs, as if in a trance. 

Picking up things on the way, she quickly unlocked the main doors and headed out towards a small shed at the back of the house.

The shed was full of old furniture and trunks of old clothes and things. 

Sarah had brought new things from the main house building and kept them here. Tonight she had brought a blender and her mother’s teacups. 

She set them on a shelf.

‘Sarah! You are a very good girl.’

Sarah went back out of the shed and into the main house.

In the mornings, Sarah never remembered anything from the night before.

Her strange behaviour puzzled her parents, but they could not figure it out.

As the days passed, stranger things took place. Taps were found running, plates were found broken.

But, as Sarah was an only  child, there was no one else to put the blame on.

Mr. Ali decided to take her to a psychiatrist, to figure out why her behaviour had changed so drastically, especially since they had shifted in this house. 

All the psychiatrist had to say was that probably she missed her old neighbourhood and that she should have other children to play with.

‘Now where shall I bring other children from?’ Mrs. Ali slapped her forehead.

One day, Sarah’s mother caught her laughing by herself.

She was sitting in the garden and laughing as if she had seen something amusing. But Mrs. Ali could see nothing for miles around expect the grass and the trees.

She was bewildered, but thought maybe it was the effect of the medication the doctor had prescribed. 

Sarah herself never realised that there was anything wrong with her or what she was doing.

She was just happy watching the three girls playing in her backyard.

‘Can I play too?’

They just laughed and told her to get them toys and new clothes, so they may allow her.

Sarah went running to her father.

‘Abba, can I get some new toys please? I’m bored and I don’t have anything or anyone to play with!’

Mr. Ali was surprised with her request, but was happy that she was getting involved in something.

‘Yes, my child. Ofcourse! What does my princess want? I will take you to the shops tomorrow, okay?’

Sarah kissed him on the cheek and ran away.

Mrs. Ali had seen the exchange.

Maybe there’s still some hope, she thought.

Her parents got her 2 dolls and a kitchen set and also new clothes.

She got very excited and even thanked her parents.

Mr. and Mrs. Ali were satisfied.

But the requests didn’t stop there. Sarah became demanding, asking for one thing after another. 

Mr. Ali decided to talk to Sarah.

He went to her room one night. He was surprised to see her laughing by herself.

As he watched, she stood up and began dancing.

‘Is this how we do it?’

Mr. Ali was perplexed at her behaviour. There was no one in the room. Who was she talking to?

He called out to her.


Sarah was startled and turned to him, her eyes frightened. She looked frantically from him to her friends, knowing her Abba was sure to scold her for  playing at this time.

‘Abba! I’m sorry..I..’

‘Sarah! Who were you talking to?’

Sarah looked back at her friends. They were smiling and shaking their heads.

‘Don’t tell him or he will never let us play!’

Sarah looked back at her father.

‘No one Abba! I was playing by myself.’

Mr. Ali raised an eyebrow but let it go for now.

‘Sarah! I had come to talk to you..’

‘But Abba, I’m tired now. Can we talk tomorrow? Besides, Amma has asked me to sort through these papers.’

‘I will help you?’

‘Okay Abba!’

They sat down to look through the old books and papers.

A newspaper cutting caught Mr. Ali’s eye. He picked it up to read.

‘Three girls die a mysterious death at a local villa.’ 

He looked closely at the yellowed paper. It was atleast fifty years old. The name Ali captured his attention. He quickly tried reading the fine print.

‘The Ali girls were found dead when they were at home alone.’

He suddenly recalled something his grandfather had told him. That he had had 3 aunts who had died in childhood. He never knew what had happened to them.

He looked up to see Sarah smiling and gesturing to someone across the room.

‘Oh God, no!’

She was possessed.


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