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The Love Letter That was never Read

The Love Letter That was never Read.

The story of Fiona and Anand.

Fiona and Anand met in grade 12 at the tution classes. Both were studying science and both wanted to pursue medicine. From acquaintances to friends, six months passed and they both were very happy in each other’s company.

They both had introduced each other to their families as well.

Soon the exams were nearing and the atmosphere was pretty stressed. The exams came and entrance for medical exam also was over and they both were confident about the results.

Fiona and Anand had been drawn closer to each other, but they had never confessed or shown anything each of them felt. They shared a beautiful bond where they stood between being friends and to be lovers.

Fiona`s birthday was approaching, her parents thought of surprising her after the hustle bustle of exams. They invited close family, friends and Anand`s family.

By 5 pm guest started coming, seeing Anand and his family she was thrilled. She was happy with the new beginnings coming her way.

The dads got into conversation to know each other.

Anand`s dad looked around the simplicity and told Fiona`s father isn’t your house too small to nurture big dreams for your daughter. This made Fiona`s dad unresponsive for a second. He yet smiled and said,” Her dreams are precious. My house may be small but my home has a lot to give.”

That evening changed everything.

Fiona removed the letter she had written for Anand, she had confessed her love for him in the first love letter she ever wrote.

She tore in to tatters to the last bit of it and let it go in the darkness of sky.

Fiona and Anand erased the past.

Life began as Friends once again as Doctors.


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