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The bodies lay embalmed in the electronic casket. A fresh dead body, soaked in a pool of blood arrived. The flesh, dangling from the face and those vacant eyes; a bad case of road accident.

“Tch…tch, this one will be a hell of a messy job.”Reene mumbled to herself.

“Reene take that no.421 to the first floor and shift no.433 to the store.”Dr. Dan instructed with his eyes glued to the bunch of papers.

The files piled on his table boasted of his excellence in the craft. These were medical history and statistics of his celebrity clients. Even in the era of 2090s, the demons of social inequality couldn’t be eroded.

Dan looked at his watch and headed for his private island penthouse.

“Reene, you also wind up early tonight. Tomorrow, at the Universal Scientist Awards, I don’t want that yawning mode of yours.”He winked at her while pushing the button of molecular transporter. His body disintegrated into buzzing dots.

“Honey, I am home.” A few minutes later Dan was in his living room.

“Dan, I am still not getting used to this glamorous body of film star Susan…I wish you could have picked up someone similar to me…the plump Jenny I used to be.”

“Honey, this is the magic. Our great-grandparents flaunted wireless technology …They were kiddos…I am God of the human race now. Wait till I receive that award. I will create a paradise for you.”His eyes gleamed with an insane vanity.

The spiritual teaching that only the body gets destroyed and the soul is an eternal form, led him into research and discover the process of Enlivening. He crafted a method which could help people live forever. The concept of Icchamrityu.

When a person realized that his current body was not perfectly working because of any disease, he could opt to transfer his energy into a dead body. The dead body would come alive with new soul. All the documentation and change of identity would be done with a Government backed centralized system. The patent made Dan a billionaire as he would charge a whopping amount for the magical treatment. No doubt, only the affluent were the beneficiaries.

“Someone is there.”In the middle of the night, Jenny woke him up.

A tall silhouette approached towards them. Man or woman, it was difficult to make out.

“How did you come inside?”

“Dan…So foolish of you. I am all around you. I am the Universe.”

A beam of light enveloped the whole room.

“You thought you could extend the life and challenge the Nature?”

Dan trembled. Was this God?

“You read about soul and body…Haven’t you read the couplet-

Yada Yada Hi Dharmasya; Gaalnir Bahvati Bharata,

Abhyutthanaam Adhramasya ; Tadatmanam Srijamyham”

The couplet started resonating in an echo.

“I am the law of nature…The most beautiful creation of mine has become the worst enemy. Before you win, I am here to destroy your greed.”

Dan, young Jenny, the laboratory and the ‘Enlivening’ all were swept away in the Tsunami.

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Piya Gajbe

Bhavna Gajbe is a Nagpur based Freelance writer. She is a lawyer by educational qualification and a writer by choice. Being a mother to a seven-year-old son, writing comes to her as a medium to keep herself rooted and at times sane, expressing all the emotions. The digital space allows a great platform for writers like her to express on varied topics of social relevance and reach out to a greater number of readers. Other than writing, she loves reading a lot, movies and painting.
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