The Roar of a Lion

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It was around 2 pm in the afternoon and I was sitting on my first floor window balcony looking outside at the suddenly fallen silent world. I could feel the souls of the breeze patting my tender cheeks with slight murmur. Some birds were violently displaying their happiness over this sudden burst of freedom with their sounds. They felt like kings and queens now flying unabated without any inhibitions or sadist rules of humans to pin them down.

My eyes were prying from one end of the wide road to the other. The roads were deserted and just then I was shaken by a deadly sight. I could see a lion coming out of a gate and taking to the road, all of a sudden. He was one ferocious looking beast with long unkempt manes and bloodshot eyes. With his lusty tongue dangling, giving a deadly view of his canines. I always had a fascination of this wonderful animal. After all, he was our national pride too but seeing him in flesh in a territory ruled by humans, sent shivers down my spine.

I shouted to my wife, “Vini, look, a lion prowling on the street!” My wife was folding a load of clothes inside the bedroom and shrugged off my shout of panic with disdain. She knew my ways of pulling pranks which were very serious ones, sometimes.

“What? A lion? Are you nuts? Stop being a prankster!”, She said.

I ran to the bedroom and literally dragged her out of the bedroom to show how real it was this time. Seeing the lion, she was startled. “What the hell is that? I can’t believe this. A lion out of nowhere. Oh my God!”, she said and sank in to the chair next to mine. The lion just moved a little onto the road and crouched himself in the middle of the road majestically feeling at the top of the world.

With the empty roads and no vehicles plying, he was just at ease as any animal would be under the circumstances. It still baffled me and my wife to no end as to how a lion would make it’s way into a city? I was busy taking pictures from my phone and so was my wife. By this time, the news had spread throughout my colony that a lion had prowled into humans domain. I could see many of them coming out to their balconies and terraces to enjoy this unique circus. The news had started flying left, right and center and the police and the forest department were summoned. A squad of now 12 people came in 3 vehicles. One of which was a Mahindra jeep with a cage. The team took positions around the tiger at a sizeable distance as the drama started to unfold now. One of the squad guy looked like a sniper positioned exactly at a distance perpendicular to the stomach of the crouched lion. He was at a fair distance for him to take a shot at the lions thigh. The lion was slightly getting a bit nervous now and started to look around. He looked around looking at the people who were stationed in their caged balconies to see this thriller. He was now feeing jittery and nervous at the sight of the gun being pointed at him and hundreds of people prying to see the drama unfold. My wife and I had literally chewed all the nails by now just praying the lion was not hurt. Just as the trigger was about to be pressed, the lion gave a loud roar and started to grow in proportion .He was growing to a gigantic size. The victim was threatening to becoming the predator and the predator was slowly succumbing to the magnificence of the lion. His growl now slowly started to grow further and words of thunder started to burst out as the crowd stood stunned. “Hey human, isn’t it strange that my presence has some what surprised you to no end today? Yes, I have seem to have poached your territory and you want to send me to the gallows again. Trust me, I did not come to mock you. I did not come to see you under siege. All I wanted was to roam around as a king for a day amidst the humans. It’s you humans, who portray me as an undisputed king but how many times have you made me feel so? Today you have chickened out and are scared of a mere invisible virus which is not even larger than my toe nail but yet I roam with pride amongst you, the living dead. Your ego has rusted your mind, your shortsightedness is turning you all blind. You smothered the way of the very nature on which you tread on without even blinking what you destroyed. Today you stand exposed to the might of the small virus. I would go my way without harming any of you incase you don’t hurt me as you always do. I have come to you to pass this message I am still the king of the jungle and nature is my mother. Please respect me and thy shall be happy forever. ”

The lion slowly receded in his stature and walked his way through the team of officers who had come to catch him, leaving them stunned alongwith a great lesson to learn for the caged humans.


Photo By: unsplash

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