Universal Declaration of Rights of Mother Earth was bestowed upon me over a decade back. I was promised that I will not be exploited any further. But it is very clear that I have been deceived and you have not fulfilled your obligations on multiple fronts.”

Pin drop silence prevailed at NASA’s Mission Control Center. The president gulped his saliva and braced himself,

“But Mother Earth, if you do not intervene, there shall be no tomorrow for us to make amends.” agony lurked large in the President’s voice.

“For centuries now you have exploited me to an extent of modifying my genetic structure. I, the Mother Earth have never shied away from serving you. But what do I get in return? Brazen lands, destroyed reserves, no water in my womb…the list is long and exhausting. It’s time for some harsh corrective actions.” The radioactive message was stern and clear.

“But this is too drastic… everything and everyone will be burnt.” The President pleaded.

“So be it. May be then I will have a chance at rising from the ashes. I am willing to embrace the pain. That’s my only hope of resurrection.”

Everyone gasped in shock as the signal snapped.


“Hey Buddy! It’s not all that grave as you are making it out.” The Moon nudged The Mother Earth, “Let me ask the Conglomeration Of Meteors to strike and deflect the Asteroid before it enters your space.”

“OfCourse! I’ll ask you to do so tomorrow.” satire and melancholy was evident in her voice, “But let today be a sleepless night of reckoning for these humans. May be, then they will take it seriously and chalk out a plan for my restoration in the nick of time.”

“Or else, all shall actually be lost.” Mother Earth sighed.

P.S. – One of the outcomes of the Cochabamba World Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth, was discussion over a draft universal Declaration on the Rights of Mother Earth.
This draft Declaration promotes a fundamental shift in decision-making about the utilisation of natural resources. You may find the frat here


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