“I want to move abroad, London is my place of dream, I don’t belong here.”

Anuj, a handsome boy from Kolkata, always argued with his father.

Anuj had a dream of studying abroad. He had put in a lot of effort, studied day and night to pass his Higher Secondary examination with flying colors on one side and on the other side he was also studying hard for his scholarship in one of the top University of London.

In the year 2010, he passed his Higher Secondary examination, holding a top rank in the state. His happiness had no bounds. His parents were extremely happy with his performance. Finally Anuj succeeded in convincing his father and he was allowed to sit for the scholarship test.

Anuj was very much satisfied with his scholarship exam, he already started making plans to move to his place of dreams.

Eventually the date of the result arrived. To my surprise, Anuj was not nervous at all. He was sure that he would clear it. But destiny had something else stored for him. He couldn’t believe his eyes, when he saw his result, he had made a blunder in that. He did not even manage to pass.

He was very much depressed, his dreams ended in the blink of an eye. He was inconsolable, his father was agitated with him.

Fortunately he got admission in one of the most reputable college in Kolkata, from where he did his BBA, after which he pursued M.B.A. He passed both with flying colors again. He was the happiest person on earth, but still something was missing.

Finally in the year 2016 he started working in a London based company in Kolkata. The company promised to transfer their selected efficient employees to their London branch after completing one year of their job.

Once again Anuj’s happiness had no bounds. He gave his 100 percent to the company. He even worked over time. He earned handsome incentives at regular intervals. He gradually became a popular person in his office.

His office had now organized seminar, in which few selected individuals had to give a short presentation and Anuj was among those selected employees.

Fortunately, Anuj once again won in life, he got the best presentation award, for creating the best marketing plan for the company’s product. But still something was missing for him.

Anuj was considered to the cream of his company. He was forced by his colleagues to take part in an upcoming event in his office. It was a very big corporate event and even the London branch was taking part in it. Once again Anuj’s happiness had no ends. He thought he would now succeed in impressing the London branch. He decided not to be over confident this time, instead he would be working with modesty.

Anuj worked very hard for the event. He made an amazing presentation, with lots of realistic photographs he had taken of the corporate world. Even before the event his colleagues started appreciating him for the wonderful presentation.

Finally the day of the event arrived. Anuj along with his other colleagues, greeted all the guests in a very humble way.

The guests from London loved the way they were greeted by Anuj.

Vishal ( Anuj’s colleague) over heard Mr. William talking about Anuj. “We need a gentleman like Anuj in our office in London, he is too good!” Vishal informed Anuj about it. Once again Anuj’s happiness had no bounds. Now he couldn’t concentrate, but he tried to keep his calm.

Anuj was busy taking the photographs of the whole event with full enthusiasm.

Then came in the announcement of the main part of the event, where some of the selected corporate guys had to give their presentation representing their own companies.

Now it was Anuj’s turn to give the presentation. He went up the stage very modestly and very gracefully gave his presentation. His presentation went so well that the whole audience gave him a standing oration.

As he went down the stage people congratulated him. Even the guests from London congratulated him. “Well done, you will go a long way”, they said and then very politely took his leave.

Anuj again started to take the photographs of the event. Everybody had their dinner and thus the event came to an end.

The next day when he came to the office, he was appreciated by his seniors for his wonderful performance.

He straight away went to the media department and submitted all the photographs he had taken.

As he entered his cabin, he found a bouquet of flowers on his table, with a letter congratulating him. To his surprise the letter of appreciation was from the London guests. Once again his happiness had no bounds .

2 weeks later

“You have done lots for our company Anuj. You know your presentation has given us a very big contract. Now you can finally go to London.”

“Wow now I can go to the place where I belong, now I can fulfill my dream sir,” said Anuj.

“Yes of course you can, but I think you should think over it once again”, said the boss.

“No, sir I don’t need to, I have achieved my dream, what else I need sir?” said Anuj.

“Listen to me first, before you take any decision, or before you go anywhere Anuj”.

“ Didn’t you see London for the first time in the move Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gam? Didn’t you want to live the life of favorite super star Shahrukh Khan? Here is your chance my dear” said his boss, his father’s close friend.

Anuj was offered the job of a photographer in the filmy world, in SRK’s home production.

His photography some how caught the eyes of a filmy associate in the event.


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