“I wish you never left, Aditya.”

Six months have gone by but the whites still hug her. She has embraced the color as if you stay in there. It is hard, hard to see her this way.

Each morning, she makes a cup of tea, puts on your study table,

“Aditya!! Come and have your tea. Don’t leave it untouched, like everyday..”

She says and leaves quietly, to do her everyday chores. 

“Huh. It’s been six months you’re not having anything I make… Am I a bad wife?”

I hear her talk to your pictures in every room. They are complaints to herself, how mismanaged your life is because of her since you now don’t converse with her, leave the meals unattended, doesn’t make the evening coffee and never come home.

For her, it was always your presence, your embrace, your words which boosted her up. You knew, she felt perfect only when you made her feel that.

Every evening, she waters the garden but you are not there to listen her excitement seeing the new bud, not with her to capture photos, and not beside her to sit on the swing and laugh out loud.

“Aditya , on behalf of you , I’ve clicked the pictures of the beautiful flower. Come soon..”, smiling, she hugs your photo and continues talking.

She doesn’t eat at night, even if I request her a hundred times.

“He will never come back, Sarah.”

“Stop it Aisha ! Stop it ! Go and sleep, just because you’re my sister, you don’t get the right to say all this. JUST LEAVE!”

Shrugging off my hand, pushing me away, she collapsed on the floor.

“Aditya.. see, every day goes the same. How careless can you be? One… One airplane crash and you gave up! Are you angry with me? Can’t see how alone this ‘home’ is ? Like, don’t you feel coming back to me? I.. I am waiting for your soothing caress, for the time when you would leave everyting and call me silly for dancing crazily. I miss you Aditya.. DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND!!”

Her longing, screaming turned soft pleadings, “What about our bike rides, drenching in rain together, and arguing on our dressing senses? How.. could you.. No! I think I am at fault, life gave up on me because everyone knew that you’re my life na..  “

She choked , stuffing the dupatta in her mouth to avoid screaming. Moving to her, I hugged her while she continued to weep hysterically.

“Aisha.. take me..me.. to Aa..Aditya..na..  “

After few moments her breathing gradually slowed down; heaving a sigh, she pulled herself away, wiping her tears.

“Enough of this crying and being stupid! I.. need to sleep now. Tomorrow, I’m going to find Aditya at the door with a cake! He.. never forgets my birthday..”

She smiled and left to her room.

It’s heart wrenching to see her vulnerability.

“I wish you never left, Aditya.”


Photo By: Marina Vitale


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Sakshi Shah

Sakshi Shah, born and brought up in Jabalpur (M.P.), has completed her Post Graduation and aspires to be a civil servant. Writing is her passion and she hopes to learn more and more in her writing journey.
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