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“Oh God! Where am I? “, yelled a man as he found he is in a dark space.

“Thank God! Who’s shouting there? listen to me, I am Mr.Gnosis”, another man said.

“Like you, I am also unaware of this dark place”, Continued Mr.Gnosis, Scratching the side of his neck with one finger.

“Thank God! I am not alone in this damn dark room. By the way, I am Mr.Pound. But why are we here? Who has the right to bring us to this damn place?” said Mr.Pound rubbing the back of his neck.

“I think we are trapped”, said Mr.Gnosis cracking his knuckles.

As the dark of the place became the Twilight, Mr.Gnosis and Mr.Pound saw a woman sitting on the floor nearby.

“Do you know about this place?” Mr.Gnosis asked the woman.

“Actually…” the woman started to converse.

But Mr.Pound interrupted the woman’s conversation and asked her, “Tell us how to get out of this place?”

The woman continued politely, “I have listened to your conversations a few minutes ago. I am Mrs.Kefi. Even I have no any clues on how I arrived here”.

Mr.Gnosis, Mr.Pound and Mrs.Kefi were inarticulate and downhearted. Just then, They all three heard a delightful voice, nearby.

“Dear Human Souls, don’t be sceptical”.

They saw an Angel standing near to the door of an incredibly Super massive shining place. The place looked like the “eye of Sauron”. Indeed, it was surrounded by glowing stars. All the three people were unbelievably surprised that the place started charming as they got closer to the Angel. They realised they heard that gentle voice from the Angel who is very charismatic. With a grinning face, the Angel started talking to them.

“You all died on Earth and have entered the Judgement Panel of the Universe,” stated the Angel.

As they listened to the Angel, they remembered their past life and how they died on Earth.

“I am the richest person on Earth. How could I die? yelled Mr.Pound.

“I am the most knowledgable person on Earth. Why did I die? wondered Mr.Gnosis.

“I was very happy with my little family. Moreover, I used to get satisfied by serving my husband and my kids. What caused me to die so early?” excited Mrs.Kefi.

“Every object of the Universe has its own Endpoint. You have now ended your life game on Earth” replied the Angel.

The Angel added, “Look at there. That is the door to Elysium, the Heaven. Now, I am going to announce the names of Human souls who can enter the Elysium”.

There was pin-drop silence

“Only Mrs.Kefi is eligible to enter the Elysium”, announced the Angel, grinning at Mrs.Kefi.

Mr.Gnosis and Mr.Pound got offended

“I bestowed a huge amount of money to many poor people,” declared Mr.Pound.

“I shared my knowledge to many ignorant people. I really wonder why aren’t we eligible to enter this holy place” queried Mr.Gnosis.

“Does the priority always go to women?” Mr.Pound questioned the Angel.

The Angel smiled and responded, “Every living thing is equally considered at the Judgement Panel of the Universe”

The Angel Continued, “Money and knowledge are the two essential tools that you, the humans, used to survive on Earth. Bestowing them to others is undeniably genuine work that is always acknowledged”.

The Angel added, “Mrs.Kefi, however, continuously donated her blood to save many lives. Moreover, she pledged her organs after her death. Bestowing nature-given things is unquestionably a phenomenal, unusual work”.

“I hope you both got my point”, the Angel told Mr.Pound and Mr.Gnosis.

“Mrs.Kefi, Welcome to Elysium! you are invited to start your new life here. HAPPY NEW YEARS”, the Angel welcomed Mrs.Kefi and disappeared.

The Angel, wearing stone rings, became looked like a gigantic creature who towered above humans in stature. Then the Angel neared Mr.Gnosis and mercilessly broke his head. Right away, the Mr.Pound got angered and took a powerful hammer and hit Angel’s chest. But, the Angel groaned and said, “You should’ve gone for his head…”, and then Snapped his fingers…

(Crack…! a snap sound heard in the room…)

(Jack, a 27 years old MCU fan, immediately woke up from his bed as he felt the rise of the sun through the window of his room. “Damn dream, the Angel is Thanos…! Anyway, It’s been a dramatic night”, he sighed and whispered as he starred at the Avengers3 movie wallpaper, a size of 42 inches, installed on the wall. As he realized that day is 1st January 2019, he prayed a while and said, “Deo Gratias, for giving another year of life”.Thereafter, as usual, he took his iphone and put a WhatsApp status, saying “Heroes come in all types and sizes. DONATE YOUR BLOOD”. )

* * * * * *

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