The two bodies were lying on the bed with their limbs at awkward angles. Their throats had been cut with something razor-sharp. The esophagus and arteries were sticking out like rubber tubing. And a nauseating smell filled the room – the smell that could only come from recently slaughtered animals. Only in this case the animals were human and his near ones….

Aditi looked at the words with pleasant satisfaction. After struggling for hours the chapter was at last taking the desired shape. And the poor coffee, which was served an hour ago, finally got her attention. But presently it was as cold as her ex-husband’s heart. So she picked up her phone to order another but, someone was already online. A coarse voice hissed from the other side,

We wanted to live. We had a future together. But, you killed us. Now you’ll pay for your sin.”

The voice sent a chill down her spines.

-“ Who is this?”

The voice on the other side didn’t bother to answer her. The call was disconnected. She frantically searched her received call list for the identity of the caller. But, her caller id showed no record. How was this even possible? She wondered.

A few minutes later, a shrill shriek was heard from the Aditi’s cabin. Everyone rushed to find her lying on the ground, her eyes were as wide as if someone was coming to deliver the fatal blow.

“She was behind the window. She is coming to get me…” Aditi blabbered as everyone tried to comfort her saying she must have imagined it. Their office is on the 11th floor.


After two days Aditi reopened her incomplete draft to finish the story. The deadline was fast approaching.

Still recovering from the last day’s shock, she was currently on a leave. After her divorce, she had moved to this cosy 1 BHK flat where she currently lives alone, busy shuffling her dual life as a manager of a reputed company and an author. Her horror themed stories have earned her quick fame in the literary world.

She started typing,

“ Few days have passed since that gruesome murder and the police is still clueless. Well, some cases do remain unsolved, he thought with hope.”

Suddenly she felt some presence behind her. Startled, she turned, to find two unknown faces looking at her fiercely.

“Who are you? How the hell did you get in?”

“Oh see our creator don’t remember us now?” Smirked the young lad.

“Creator or Murderer?” Hissed the lady accompanying him.

“We are the characters you killed last day at your whims to sell your book. Now it’s time for revenge.”

And they started approaching her slowly.

“This… This cannot be true. You all aren’t real.” Aditi feebly protested, her voice choked with fear.

And a cruel laughter shattered the silence.


The next day’s news reads, “The dead body of famous author Aditi discovered from her closed flat, her throat had been cut brutally.”

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