When the album spoke…

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“I have told you many times that we aren’t discussing this topic. Why do you bring it up every now and then?” Saying this Karthik just slammed the door and went out. A teary eyed Kavya gathered herself, wiped her tears and went to the balcony to get some fresh air.

This was not the first time in their soon to be three-year-old married life, that they had an argument over having kids. “Karthik loves kids but why doesn’t he want to have one of his own?” This was the umpteenth time that Kavya asked the question to herself and Karthik. And like every other occasion, he just lost his cool and walked out. She knew that he would calm down and come back in an hour.


Karthik and Kavya were colleagues at a reputed IT firm. They worked together for almost 6 years. Cupid struck during that time and they got married.

Karthik had mentioned about he being close to his Amma and how much he missed her. His paati had tried her level best to ensure that Karthik did not feel lonely till her last breath. She wanted to see her dear peran settle down in life but life had other plans. Just a month before the wedding paati attained the Lotus Feet peacefully in her sleep. That was a jolt for Karthik. The only relief was that paati had met Kavya and blessed her.


The phone buzzed and stirred Kavya from her deep thoughts. It was Kamal, the carpenter, whom Karthik had called to check on the rusty cupboard hinges. Kavya decided to empty the cupboard so that it is easy for Kamal to work. 

The cupboard was old and housed a lot of albums from Karthik’s childhood. The lively pictures of Karthik and his Amma beamed out from the albums.

Karthik returned home at around 2PM. His anger had subsided. They both spoke as if nothing happened between them and had lunch together. Kamal too had gone out for his lunch. Post lunch Karthik and Kavya sat in the balcony gazing at the clear sky. Kavya had got the albums and Karthik became vocal describing each pic. This was the first time that Kavya had seen him becoming so dramatic and she silently enjoyed the unseen side if her beloved.


“Amma, can you please talk to Karthik? I am still not able to understand why he isn’t ready for a baby. I feel he is hiding something from me.” Said Kavya in despair.

“Konthe, nothing like that dear. I think I know the reason. I feel that only you can help him out.”

Hearing this, Kavya’s eyes shone brightly. She hugged Amma and sat next to her to listen to Karthik’s story.

“Kavya, Karthik had a troubled childhood. He.. he , she paused to wipe her tears and continued. He was a victim of abuse from the hands of his father.” 

What?? What are you saying Amma? 

“Yes dear. It was shocking for me as well when I saw that happening right in front of me. I wondered, how long this boy was enduring this. I decided to save him and just pushed my husband with all my might. His head banged the wall and he fell down.” 

“Probably, this has shaken up my son a lot and hence he isn’t ready to have a child of his own. Now tell me, can you do something to erase these haunting episodes from his mind?”

“Amma, be rest assured. I think I know what needs to be done.”


One week later, Kavya got a message: Appointment confirmed with Dr. Nair on 12/12/2012 at 10 AM. Dr. Nair was the best psychiatrist in town. Kavya looked at the date, it was their anniversary on 12th. She had to speak to Karthik about this appointment. 

That day evening, as they sat for tea, Kavya softly spoke: “Karthik, I need to tell you something. Please be patient and listen to me completely.” Karthik moved closer to her and looked at her keenly. Kavya continued: “I know that you love kids. Both of us are medically fit too. Something is stopping you from proceeding to have our own family.” “So?” asked Karthik. “So, I have booked an appointment with Dr. Nair on the 12th of this month. Let us just meet him once.” Saying so, she looked at him for an approval. Karthik could not deny her request. “What prompted you all of the sudden Kavya?” “Amma asked me to do so.”


12/12/2012 – Karthik and Kavya came out happily from Dr.Nair’s cabin. Karthik felt as if some big burden was off his mind. They headed to Corner House, their favourite hideout. 

Over a Cashew Fudge, Karthik asked, “How did you get the thought of meeting this doctor? Why didn’t you think about this earlier? In fact, I should have discussed about my fear with you much before.”

“It is ok dear. Everything has a time and when the time comes it will happen automatically. Let us just enjoy the moment. I am glad that you feel relaxed now. I love you.”

“I love you too Kavya.”


12th October 2013, Karthik and Kavya were blessed with a little angel. They named her Surya – Surya Gayathri. Karthik’s Amma’s name. 

Kavya looked Amma’s photo and smiled in contentment. 

“Amma, are you happy now?”

“Oh yes! My dear. Now my efforts have paid off and I can now retire in peace, as you are there with Karthik, as a solid support.”

“Amma, you will always stay with us through Surya.” 


Author’s Note :

A humble attempt to portray how strong mothers are when it comes to her children, even after they are gone forever. 

Paati – Grandmother in Tamil

Amma – Mother in Tamil

Appa – Father in Tamil

Peran – Grandson in Tamil

Konthe –  way of addressing a child in a Palghat Iyer lingo


Photo Credits: BBH Singapore

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